Families of Cuban prisoners hopeful as US, Pope push for their release

Members of the Cuban-American community attend a vigil held for the Cuban artist and dissident Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and for other Cubans imprisoned after protests.

Havana (CNN)Marta Perdomo agonizes day and night for her two sons Jorge and Nadir, jailed in Cuba for taking part nearly two years ago in the largest anti-government protests since the 1959 revolution. A call she says she received in late February from Cuba's internal security service only added to her anxiety.

"State security called me and asked me if my sons had passports. That alarmed me because then I thought they should know if my sons have passports," she told CNN.
    When Perdomo asked why, the answer she said she received back from the agent from the other end of the line was cryptic.
      "They told me there are 'things on the table,'" Perdomo said.
      Perdomo's sons are facing lengthy prison sentences but she and other families have taken hope from a recent mass release of prisoners in authoritarian Nicaragua, a close ally of Cuba's. More than two hundred jailed government opponents there were stripped of citizenship and sent to the United States in February.