European Union agrees to push for global phase out of fossil fuels ahead of COP28 climate conference

A coal-fired power plant in western Germany. The EU wants the world to agree to phase out all fossil fuels.

European Union countries agreed to promote a global fossil fuel phase out on Thursday ahead of the United Nation's COP28 climate summit this year, attempting to boost a global deal that failed at last year's summit.

Ministers from the 27 EU member states approved a text on their diplomatic priorities ahead of the COP28 summit, which begins on November 30 in Dubai, where nearly 200 countries will attempt to strengthen efforts to rein in climate change.
"The shift towards a climate neutral economy will require the global phase-out of unabated fossil fuels," the EU text said, citing the scientific consensus that this is necessary to avoid more severe climate change.
    "The EU will systematically promote and call for a global move towards energy systems free of unabated fossil fuels well ahead of 2050", it said, adding that global fossil fuel consumption should peak in the near term.
      Europe is in the midst of transforming its energy system to meet climate targets and end decades of reliance on Russian fossil fuels.
      The text said countries should combine the two aims and use renewable energy or energy savings - rather than fossil fuels -- to replace Russian energy.
      "There is no need for a one-to-one replacement of former Russian natural gas import volumes," it said.