Aaron Rodgers speaks out on his future with trade talk intensifying

    Aaron Rodgers has said "it won't be long" before his future is sorted out as trade talk intensifies.

    (CNN)After holding talks with the New York Jets, it appears that there could be light at the end of the tunnel for Aaron Rodgers after emerging from the dark.

    The quarterback's future has been one of the biggest topics of the NFL offseason so far and, with the start of free agency quickly approaching, Rodgers' next move could already be decided.
    Speaking to former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the 'I AM ATHLETE' podcast, the 39-year-old was quizzed on his future and whether it was away from the Green Bay Packers.
      Rodgers said: "Stay tuned ... I think it won't be long. There's a time limit for all this."
        Rodgers celebrates after winning Super Bowl XLV in 2011.
        The veteran was also asked about his meeting with Jets owner Woody Johnson, having been given permission by the Packers to speak to the New York team.
        Rodgers kept his cards close to his chest and responded: "It's always interesting meeting important figures in the sport -- yeah it's always interesting. That's all I'm giving you."
        The Packers icon recently spent time at a darkness retreat as he looked to find answers on his impending move.
          "All the answers are right inside me," the four-time MVP said after his time at the retreat. "I touched many of them, and definitely the feelings, on both sides, during the darkness, and I'm thankful for that time.