Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu on Barrymore's talk show.
CNN  — 

It sounds like things were pretty interesting on the set of the 2000 film “Charlie’s Angels.”

Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, who costarred in the film, shared some of their memories about working together on a recent episode of Barrymore’s daytime talk show.

The pair got chummy as Barrymore knelt before Liu on set.

“What are you doing,” Liu asked, laughing. “This is so crazy.”

“This is what I do,” Barrymore said, going in for a hug. “I’m weird. You know me.”

The talk show host then shared that she had been trying to find the nude photographs taken of her in her dressing room on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.”

“I have them,” Liu said.

After Barrymore said she would love to borrow the photos, Liu added, “And you look gorgeous as you still do.”

“I have a series of portraits of so many people, with or without clothes on,” Liu said.

Barrymore shared a photo of the two of them with their “Charlie’s Angels” costar Cameron Diaz in a scene from the film, which caused Barrymore to reminisce that Liu was “dedicated” while she and Diaz were “naughty” on set for the project.

“What? She was so good,” Liu said of Diaz. “You weren’t.”

“It’s true,” Barrymore admitted. “I’m just a naughty girl.”