A 52-year-old Maryland man, who chose to remain anonymous, has won $50,000 for the third time in a year using the same winning numbers.
CNN  — 

A Maryland man has found his lucky numbers – and used them to win the lottery not just once but three times.

The anonymous winner won his third $50,000 lottery prize in 11 months on April 13, according to a news release from the Maryland Lottery.

Previously, the 52-year-old won two separate $50,000 prizes in the same May 2022 drawing for a total of $100,000.

For all three of his wins in the lottery’s “Pick 5” game, the Charles County resident has played the same numbers: 48548.

“It hit last year and it hit again,” he said, according to the release. “My wife said, ‘Let’s play this number’ and we keep winning with it.”

He told lottery officials he plans to keep playing lottery games even after his wins.

“I play the Lottery all the time,” he said in the release. “You never know. You can’t win if you are not in it.”

The man plans to use his winnings to go on a “much-needed vacation” with his wife, according to the release.

The chance of winning the $50,000 prize in the Maryland Lottery’s “Pick 5” game is just 1 in 100,000, according to the lottery’s website.