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A Michigan teen used a slingshot to successfully ward off a kidnapper who had grabbed his younger sister while she was playing in their backyard on Wednesday, according to Michigan State Police.

The 8-year-old girl was “mushroom hunting” in the backyard of her Alpena Township home when a man emerged from the woods connected to the backyard, grabbed her, and placed his hand over her mouth in an attempt to pull her into the woods, state police Sergeant Shane Smith told CNN Saturday.

The girl’s 13-year-old brother, who was in his room inside their home, heard his sister’s screams and grabbed a slingshot, aimed it at the kidnapper from his bedroom and successfully struck the man in the head, Smith explained. The brother then grabbed another rock, placed it in his slingshot and struck the man again, this time in the chest.

The kidnapper reeled from being struck with the slingshot, allowing the young girl to wrangle her way out from his grasp and run back inside her home, Smith said. The kidnapper then fled into the woods, taking a well-used trail used by the community, Smith said.

Before calling authorities, the young girl’s family called other family members telling them about the incident, so they could be on the lookout for the man in the woods.

A little while later, the kidnapper was spotted in the parking lot of a Big Lots store and then seen going into a gas station bathroom, Smith said. Michigan State Troopers found the young man, later found to be 17 years old, and took him into custody.

The minor later told state police detectives he struggles with anger issues and “was looking for someone to physically assault,” and the young girl happened to be where he was, Smith explained.

The minor was arrested and charged with kidnapping and attempted murder and is currently being held at Alpena County Jail on $150,000 bond, according to police.