Police cordon off the area where a man and a woman died in a suspected bomb blast in Orio, northern Spain, May 16, 2023. R
CNN  — 

Authorities are investigating an explosion linked to the deaths of two people in Spain on Tuesday as a “potential case of domestic violence.”

The victims, a woman and a man, were found dead near a children’s playground in the northern Spanish town of Orio, Basque regional police told CNN.

Police discovered the bodies after being notified of an explosion in the early evening.

No other injuries have been reported so far, the police also said, adding that there were no immediate reports of damage to any buildings or vehicles nearby.

Police did not immediately say how the explosion was carried out.

A bomb squad was deployed, along with officers from the Basque police force, but not a tactical heavily armed squad.

A leading Basque newspaper, El Correo, published a photo of what it said was the scene of the explosion, showing a bloodied white sheet covering what it said were two bodies underneath, near a public bench, and plainclothes officers in official police vests standing nearby.

The Basque police confirmed to CNN that the photo shows the scene of the incident.