Several pandemic benefits, including the suspension of work requirements in the food stamp program, will end this fall.
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Millions of people are set to lose Covid-19 pandemic-era benefits this fall.

The expiration of these programs, which were created by Congress in the early years of the pandemic, will strip away economic assistance that millions of Americans have received for years and still rely on.

Lawmakers passed several sweeping pandemic relief packages during 2020 and 2021, authorizing trillions of dollars in spending on a variety of programs aimed at helping households who may be struggling economically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The laws also put in place some key economic benefit programs long pushed by progressives, albeit on a temporary basis.

Some aid, like direct stimulus payments, expanded unemployment benefits and enhanced child tax credits, have already expired. But there’s still time for other funds, like the billions of dollars of aid for K-12 schools, to be spent.

Here are the benefits people will lose this fall

Student loan payment pause

Roughly 28 million people will be required to start paying their monthly student loan bills in October after a yearslong pandemic pause.

Typically, those payments were between $200 and $299 in 2019 before the pause went into effect, according to the Federal Reserve.

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