Henry Ruggs III appears in court on May 10, 2023, in Las Vegas.
CNN  — 

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III was sentenced on Wednesday to three to 10 years in prison, after pleading guilty to charges stemming from a fatal DUI crash in November 2021 that killed a 23-year-old woman and her dog.

Clark County District Judge Jennifer Schwartz sentenced Ruggs to a minimum of 36 months and a maximum of 120 months after Ruggs pleaded guilty to one count of driving while impaired, resulting in death, and one count of vehicular manslaughter. Ruggs is eligible for parole after three years.

“Over the past 21 months, I’ve searched within to find the answers to explain my selfish behavior on that day. I have no excuse and pray that accepting responsibility and my guilty plea can allow me to begin a healing process and allow everyone involved to heal also,” Ruggs told the judge. “My actions are not a true reflection of me. I’m committed to creating greater awareness and educating others about the dangers that driving at excessive speed and driving impaired can come with.”

Ruggs was traveling more than 150 mph – his alcohol level more than twice the legal limit – before his car rear-ended another car, killing the driver, Tina Tintor, prosecutors have said.

“He does accept his anticipated incarceration completely your honor. I sincerely predict that when Henry leaves prison, he will do everything in his power to teach young people not to ever drink, speed and drive,” Ruggs’ attorney added.

In a prepared statement, Tintor’s parents said: “We pray that we all take away the importance of looking out for one another, remembering everyone you meet is another human’s loved one. And we pray that we can all move forward in caring for each other with consideration, compassion, and love.”