The Lamborghini Lanzador will be developed into Lamborghini's first fully electric car.
CNN  — 

The Lamborghini Lanzador is only a concept car for now, but the Italian supercar maker says it offers a preview of the brand’s very first fully electric model which will go into production in 2028.

It’s not the sort of low-slung two-seat supercar for which Lamborghini is famous. While its overall low-profile shape is similar to that of a Lamborghini sports car, the 1,300 horsepower Lanzador rides higher off the ground so it can drive in rough terrain.

With no space needed for a gas engine — in a gas-powered Lamborghini sports car, it would be behind the seats — the Lanzador has small back seats. They can be moved or folded away opening more space for luggage under the car’s big tailgate. Under the hood, there’s even more space for storage.

The concept vehicle will be developed into only the fourth model line for the tightly focused performance brand, joining its two traditional sports car models and an SUV.

Lamborghini has been paving the way for this sort of new model for a long time. Products like the Urus SUV and the Huracán Stererrato, an off-road-capable sports car, have gotten customers used to the idea that Lamborghinis don’t always have to be low-slung two-seaters.

The new electric model will provide the link between Lamborghini’s radical sports cars and its more practical SUV.

“For us, the fourth model is the absolutely logical extension of the existing portfolio, the perfect link between Urus and our super sports cars,” Lamborghini chief executive