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VIDEO: You should try the Mediterranean diet version of tuna salad
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If you’re eating healthier meals these days, congratulations — but what do you snack on? By choosing ultraprocessed and sugary snacks, 1 in 4 of us may be undoing all the benefits of healthy eating, according to a new study.

“Considering 95% of us snack, and that nearly a quarter of our calories come from snacks, swapping unhealthy snacks such as cookies, crisps and cakes to healthy snacks like fruit and nuts is a really simple way to improve your health,” said senior author Sarah Berry, a researcher at King’s College London, in a statement. (For you Americans, crisps are chips.)

More than 90% of adults in the United States report eating one or more snacks on any given day. In the United Kingdom, where the study was done, some 47% of participants ate two snacks a day and 29% of people snacked even more often.

Over 25% of the study participants reported eating healthy main meals and snacking on highly processed food and sugary treats that can increase hunger, the study found.

“We don’t go out into the weather and simply ‘hope’ it will be good; we protect ourselves against it, in all the right ways. A coat when it’s cold; an umbrella when it rains,” said Dr. David Katz, a specialist in preventive and lifestyle medicine and nutrition, in an email. He was not involved in th