Lana Del Rey on stage in August.
CNN  — 

Lana Del Rey has revealed why she spent some time pouring Coca-Cola and coffee at a Waffle House over the summer.

Del Rey explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she was simply visiting friends in Florence, Alabama, where she hung out at the same Waffle House for several days in July with her brother and sister.

“We were on our third hour [that day], and the servers asked, ‘Do you guys want shirts?’” she said. “Hell yeah! We were thrilled.”

Staff also made her a name tag.

Del Rey was encouraged to pitch in and recalled serving one customer in particular.

“This guy, a regular, comes in every day and orders two things, so they were like, ‘Just go get it for him!’ I brought him a Coke. No ice. And an empty cup.”

“For dip,” she added, meaning chewing tobacco.

Video and social media posts of Del Rey in uniform behind the counter sparked speculation the “Summertime Sadness” singer was moonlighting as a waitress.

“I wish my album had gone as viral,” Del Rey joked. “I woke up to, like, 10,000 texts the next morning — some from folks I had not heard from for 10 years. ‘Saw your picture at the Waffle House!’ [Laughing.] I was like, ‘Did you hear the new album?’”