Erik Jensen at the opening night of 'Much Ado' in New York City in 2019.

Friends and loved ones of actor Erik Jensen, known for roles on “The Walking Dead” and “Mr. Robot,” are seeking support as he is treated for cancer.

According to a GoFundMe page created last week by his family, “after miraculously surviving a brain aneurysm just a year and a half ago, our beloved Erik Jensen was just diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer.”

It notes that Jensen’s cancer “has metastasized to his liver,” but that the actor is “young and strong” and even worked as a director and a writer throughout his treatment.

“His doctors think they have a shot at shrinking the tumors enough to do two very major surgeries and get them all out. He can make it through this. But Erik and his family are in for the fight of their lives, and they need your support,” it read.

The family is hoping to raise $300,000 in total, further noting that following Jensen’s aneurysm and cancer diagnosis, and the Hollywood strikes, his family is now “in an extremely precarious financial position and they need a lot of help to make it through the next year, pay for treatment to fight his cancer, keep their home, and maintain some sort of stability for Sadie.”

As of Wednesday, according to the GoFundMe page, they have so far raised over $90,000.

Scott Gimple, executive producer for “The Walking Dead,” on Monday posted a link to Jensen’s donation page alongside a message on X (formerly Twitter), writing, “One of TWD’s own could use a little help. Erik Jensen, who played Dr. Steven Edwards in S5 was just diagnosed with cancer, and it’s a time of great uncertainty for him and his family.”

“Never had the chance to work with Erik… until now anyway. Only have heard many things about what a great guy he is. I do know he and his could use some help…. Of any and all kind,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also starred in “The Walking Dead,” wrote on X on Tuesday.

Jensen is a father to 13-year-old daughter Sadie, whom he shares with his wife Jessica Blank.

“He is one of the most hardworking, loving, truthful and devoted people we know. He needs to help his daughter grow up,” the GoFundMe reads. “He needs to stick around for the beautiful community he and Jess have built. And he has a lot more art to make in the world.”

Jensen’s other TV credits includ “For Life,” “The Equalizer” and “Mindhunter,” among many others.