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Kevin Brady (R)

District 8 (Northern Houston suburbs; College Station)

BORN: Nov. 4, 1955, Vermillion, S. Dak.

EDUCATION: U of South Dakota, B.S., 1990

FAMILY: Wife, Cathy

RELIGION: Roman Catholic


OCCUPATION: Businessman

POLITICAL CAREER: Texas House, 1991-

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 8277, Woodlands 77387. Tel.: 713-363-9297

Calling himself a "common-sense conservative," Brady criticizes the size of the federal bureaucracy and the "coddling" criminal-justice system--safe positions in this solidly conservative district. He is an admirer of Jack Fields, the Republican who is stepping aside after 16 years of service to the Eighth. As a conservative, Brady also wants Texas' "sunset laws" brought to Washington, requiring federal agencies to "prove their worth" by a specified date or be terminated.


Budget YES

Medicare YES

Defense NO

Abortion YES

Guns NO

Gays NO

Bosnia YES


Welfare YES

Medical Leave NO

(For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "The way I see it, every Federal Government job represents two that didn't get created out in the private sector."

Cynthia Newman (D)

District 8

BORN: Aug. 1, 1959, Albany, Ga.

EDUCATION: Temple U, 1977-78

FAMILY: Husband, James; four children

RELIGION: Methodist

MILITARY: Army, 1978-80

OCCUPATION: Public-relations consultant


ADDRESS: P.O Box 90443, Houston 77290. Tel.: 713-583-7275

Newman says her lack of political experience frees her from the grip of special interests. But her lack of enthusiasm for spending cuts on social programs may be the hardest thing for her to sell to the conservative Eighth. Among her proposals: increased federal funding for education and welfare reform that includes requiring grocers to contribute up to 5% of their food-stamp income to a training fund for welfare recipients.


Budget YES

Medicare NO

Defense YES

Abortion NO

Guns YES

Gays YES

Bosnia NO


Welfare NO

Medical Leave YES

(For an explanation of these issues, see the front of this guide.)

QUOTE OF NOTE: "Being new to politics makes me an excellent candidate because I owe no favors to any special-interest groups or individual."

New Candidates

District 8

Though the special election has reopened this race, it's still largely a contest between Republican Kevin Brady and Democrat Cynthia Newman.

Gene Fontenot (R)

After losing the primary to Brady before redistricting, Republican Gene Fontenot has decided to take another shot at this seat. A hospital owner who spent nearly $2.4 million in 1994 on a House bid in another district, he's basing his campaign on a plan to tax sales rather than income. Fontenot, who's never held office, says common sense is what's needed in Congress. He thinks abortion should be illegal in all cases and strongly supports the Contract with America.

5807 Spring Stuebner, Spring 77389. Tel.: 713-823-0755

Robert Musemeche (D)

Democrat Robert Musemeche is also going for a second try, hoping a newly drawn district will produce different results. A lawyer and former real estate agent, he labels himself a moderate in order to appeal to conservative and independent voters. Musemeche says the Federal Government should work toward providing health care for all citizens, and wants to leave Medicare intact while balancing the budget.

3907 Colquitt, Houston 77027. Tel.: 713-626-5858

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