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Welcome to AllPolitics' coverage of
the 1996 Democratic National Convention

* Find Out Who's On CNN's Inside Politics
Is there somebody special you want to follow whenever they appear on CNN? Try the Guest Notification Service.
* Take A Stand
Is President Clinton's move to allow the FDA to regulate tobacco as a drug good policy or a political gimmick as the Dole campaign says? Cast your vote or check the tally
* The Players
Everything -- and we mean everything -- you want to know about Bill Clinton and Al Gore and their families.
* Voter's Voice
Be Clinton's Speech Writer! Send us your thoughts on what the president should say during his acceptance speech and we'll post the best responses on the site.
* Chatter
Live chat from the floor every night of the convention between 8-9 p.m. Guests will include the newsmakers and the TIME and CNN journalists who report on them. Don't get caught unprepared -- download the software now!
* State-by-state
Thanks to our expert partner, Congressional Quarterly, we have the most comprehensive information available on all fifty states, the District of Columbia and the territories. Check out your state's election data and convention delegation profile.
* Hot Links
So you want to know about the Democratic convention and Chicago? Check out these links, which prove that the Web is the next best thing to being there.
* Your questions on the air with CNN
Got questions about the convention, the Democrats, or the upcoming campaign? Send them to editor@AllPolitics and we'll try to answer them on the air.
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