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It's not as glitzy as a cocktail party, but it's your chance to chat with politicians, policy-makers and journalists about the convention. The online sessions will be held each night of the convention from 8-9 p.m. eastern time, and will feature a new guest (or guests) each time. So key in and speak up.

How to set up your chat

New Chat Users:
You can interact with other users with our chat service, which allows anyone with an IRC-compatible client to participate. First, you need to download the software. Next, configure your chat client to work with your browser (don't worry, this is very easy). Last, join our chat.

Integrated IRC-Client Users:
If your web browser is already set-up to work with your chat client, then go straight to the chat.

If you already have the software, but are unable to connect to the chat, then it may not be configured correctly. Try these tips.

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If your browser and client don't work together, but you would like to join the discussion:

To download Macintosh, Unix or Windows versions of Global Chat software, go to Quarterdeck Corporation's Global Chat page.

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