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DNC Checking More Contributions

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WASHINGTON (CNN, Nov. 15) -- The Democratic National Committee confirms it is checking into whether still more campaign contributions may have been improper and need to be returned, after a woman listed as a donor denied ever making any contributions.

A spokeswoman says the DNC is concerned about contributions made in the name of Thai businesswoman Pauline Kanchanalak and her Washington business Ban Chang International. Records show one of the contributions for $32,500 was made two days after Kanchanalak visited John Haung at the Commerce Department.

Republicans have questioned whether Huang, now a Democratic party fund-raiser, improperly solicited party funds while working at Commerce.

DNC spokeswoman Amy Weiss Tobe said, "We are taking the matter very seriously and are looking into it immediately. We plan on doing a thorough job and releasing all the information at once."


Kanchanalak, a permanent U.S. resident and reached by CNN in Bangkok, suggests that a wealthy Thai relative with the same first initial and last name may have made the contribution (and others) in her name and that of her business. She says it's a record-keeping mistake.

Misrepresenting the name of a contributor would violate federal election law. As a U.S. resident, Kanchanalak could contribute legally. She says the wealthy relative, whom she declined to identify further, also holds a "green card."

Kanchanalak also denies ever discussing contributions with John Huang while he worked either at Commerce or later at the Democratic National Committee. She does confirm talking with Huang about business-related matters. She says she has "hard evidence" to prove that neither she nor her husband ever made a political contribution to the DNC, but declined to produce it.

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