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An Inside Look at Campaign Fund-Raising

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Feb. 26) -- Nothing in the six-inch stack of documents released Tuesday by the White House on Democratic fund-raising procedures jumps out as a blockbuster or a "smoking gun." But a series of small details offers a rare glimpse at the texture of daily life during a presidential campaign, particularly on the fund-raising front.

Here are some fascinating tidbits from the papers:


White House staff didn't roll over on every demand the campaign made of it. In this memo dated Jan. 19, 1996, top White House aide Evelyn Lieberman suggests a two-week trial run of coffee meetings with Clinton, after which the staff would see how Clinton was holding up with the additions to his schedule. Where'd the time come from out of Clinton's day? From his briefings, apparently.


The Clinton camp was interested not only in maximizing dollars, but also, as the campaign came to a head in September and October 1996, time management. This July 31, 1996, memo from Campaign Manager Peter Knight to party and administration leaders sets forth some guidelines.



You didn't think the president just showed up and chatted at these coffees, did you? Take a look at some of the briefing materials given to Clinton before one such event, this set dated October 30, 1995.

More Excerpts:

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