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Your Comments On Clinton's Fund-Raising

We've gotten quite a bit of e-mail about the Democrats' fund-raising, as well as on the larger issue of campaign finance reform. Here's a sample, and if you've got something to say, send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com Be sure to include your name and home town.

'This Fly Is So Small'

I, personally, do not feel the White House should be a "motel rental" for the highest contributor. But there are so many things that I do not feel truly reflect the best interest of the American public, and this fly is so small when compared to serious problems. What are we really doing about our elderly, our poor, and even our middle class when it comes to health care?

Does anyone up there in the White House and the Congress really care about the people and what is best for them, or are they far more interested in furthering their career as congressmen, without regards to what is morally right, legally right, common-sense right? I am personally sick to death of the Republicans vs. Democrats in every issue and I know that I am not alone in that.

Is it possible to have a government run by people who propose and vote for what is best for the American people without consideration of whether or not it's a Republican or a Democratic idea? If we ever reach that plateau in government, then once again I will have faith in my leaders and I know that millions of other Americans more than share this view.

-- Patricia A. Jones, March 12

'Start At The Top'

News coverage has been essentially "But Mommy, it's O.K., all the other kids are doin' it," thanks to some quick but incomplete research on the part of hundreds of Democrat staffers no doubt.

Shouldn't the response be "Let's indict, try and convict ANY politician who is selling influence?" Any liberty-loving American not incensed by the "no controlling authority" comment is either brain-dead, ill-educated or has more to gain from this type of politics.

Would it not be best to start at the top? Hold Clinton and any other politician accountable? Sure it'll get messy, but we owe no less to our children and grandchildren. Let's leave them a legacy of government accountable to the common good.

This of course will not be accomplished without continuous outrage expressed by the media. So, come on CNN, you going to be great Americans or biased politicians?

-- S. May, March 12

'Which Is It, Mr. President?'

President Clinton now says that if he had known about the Chinese government trying to funnel money into his campaign, he would have been more cautious about whom he let into the White House. He has already said that the stakes were so high that he had to do whatever was necessary to bring his level of contributions closer to what the Republicans received. Which is it, Mr. President?

-- Brenda Wyatt, March 12

'An Obvious Display Of Hypocrisy'

An investigation of Democratic fund-raising by Republican majority House and Senate committees is an obvious display of hypocrisy at best.

A similar investigation by the Justice Department or by an appointed special prosecutor could possibly be worthwhile, but only if the discovered information leads to serious campaign finance reform.

But, before we jump headlong into an investigation, I think several questions should be answered.

1. How broad should the investigation really be? Just Democrats? Both Republicans and Democrats? Should we also investigate the Christian Coalition's use of money to influence elections? A continuation of their status as a non-profit organization should certainly be investigated by a well-funded special prosecutor. And, what about organizations not directly associated with a campaign that run ads like that Willie Horton ad that contributed greatly to President Bush's election victory? It is hard to really know where to start and stop with this investigation.

2. Do we really need to spend a lot of money on this investigation? Investigative reporters are probably conducting excellent investigations on their own right now. Besides, there are already plenty of books in any bookstore that describe the favors bought by donations to candidates campaigning for all kinds of elective offices. We probably already know enough about campaign finance to know that campaign finance reform is necessary -- at least if the people back home are to feel that they are the ones being represented rather than special interests with big money. Think about it: many of the big donors give to both sides during the same election campaign. There must be some reason for this CYA action.

3. Can't we, at the very least, expect Senator Trent Lott and others who openly resist campaign finance reform to stop calling for a special prosecutor to investigate their political opponents and leave the investigation to someone that gives a damn?

4. It all makes you wonder why anyone would contribute to their campaigns at all, doesn't it?

-- David Bible, Fort Worth, Texas, March 11

'Our Heads In The Sand'

Such absolute blithering dolts we must be! I mean we must have our collective heads in the sand to think that the president and vice president would be able to sustain the adminstration of the government without having to man the phones and scrounge donations...it's downright criminal how the cost have risen in order to get re-elected.

Personally, I am disgusted for many reasons: 1. the fact that the current administration is literally selling access; 2. that they are unapologetic about it; 3. they deny any wrongdoing; 4. they blatantly broke the law; 5. they evade responsibility...deny they were told...blame someone else....IT IS A TOTAL DISASTER!

If this had happened to any other administration, most people would be interested for the fact that it is highly unusual; however with this crowd, SNAFU being the mode of operation, we can only shake our head and wonder what is next. Sad, how very, very sad for America.

Very sincerely,

-- Scott Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa., March 11


I find it appalling that Bill Clinton and Al Gore felt that they had to break the law collecting campaign funds to protect the citizens of United States from the Republican Party, like the Republican Party is some evil organization that wants to kill off the elderly and children, like another Hitler! This V.P. did the crime so he should do the TIME! What an example these two are setting for the children!

-- Robert Schieve, Sedona, Ariz., March 11

'Anyone As Angry As I...'

Anyone as angry as I about these "abuses"? What we don't need are a few more lawyers' interpretations of the law. It is easy to see why the public is disgusted with politicians tiptoeing through the legal jargon.

Another minor thing I haven't seen mentioned is the use of priceless antiques in the White House. Don't the Clintons have any appreciation of these items? Wouldn't think some of the furnishings could be used too much without damage. What about theft?

-- Judie Izer, Clinton, Iowa, March 11

'Its Usual Derailment'

After an election cycle full of promises to "end the gridlock" and to "reform politics," the campaign reform agenda fast track in Congress and Washington will see its usual derailment now that the campaign is over and action replaces the words of the campaign trail.

If the Congress and the president wanted real reform it would allow that regulatory "paper" tiger -- the Federal Election Commission's -- role to greatly increase... with an ability to levy immediate fines, access campaigns during the cycle to perform on-site audits, making the FEC into what it was originally designed to do.... enforce election regulations.

Every other regulatory agency in Washington... FCC, et al.. has increased enforcement capabilities. Until the policing of campaign finance laws gets out of the hands of the elected officials (i.e. those who are the campaign) then NOTHING will be done, I can assure you!

-- Scott Meador, Conroe, Texas, March 11

(Updated March 12, 1997)

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