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Indecency And The Net

One of the most watched cases of this term reached the Supreme Court this week, when justices heard arguments on regulating indecent material on the Internet. If you had been arguing the case, what would you have told the justices? We'd like to hear your thoughts. Send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com And be sure to include your name and home town.

In the meantime, here's some of the recent e-mail we've received, on Bill Clinton's knee injury, Tony Lake and other news of the day:

'Some Hard Questions'

Just read your article on Lake's nomination. Found it interesting that you referred to his hearings as "hostile." You people are amazing. We have recently learned that we have had what amounts to a "spy" with virtually free access to the White House, gun runners and dope dealers.... The Senate asks Mr. Lake some hard questions, given the circumstances, and you refer to it as "hostile"!

I might remind you that he was being nominated to head the CIA. Given everything that we are learning, I would like to think that someone would ask Mr. Lake some "hostile" questions. I wish you people would get real!

-- Tom Militti, March 18

'Divided In Half'

I have a great idea to end the hassle over fund-raising forever. It is completely fair with both parties on an even scale from day one of campaigning. Very simple. Whoever has a fund-raiser, a Republican or a Democrat, the money raised is immediately divided in half and the money goes to the opposite party.

Can you just imagine how much money China would have sent knowing one-half was going to Bob Dole? How many people would have slept at the White House knowing one-half of the money was going to Bob Dole? How much money would Bob Dole would have received knowing one-half was going to Bill Clinton. Will you use my idea? NO WAY. Why? Because it makes sense. I also sent this idea to Bill Clinton to see what he thinks.

-- Paul Berger, March 17

'Nothing Short Of Excellent'

Just discovered your page -- and it is nothing short of excellent. Thanks for providing this service. I'm an avid fan of CNN TV...and am adding cnn.com to my daily routine.

-- Chuck Michals, March 17

'All The Problems'

I thought this was a politics page. What does Clinton's knee have to do with the corruption of his administration? With Anthony Lake's confirmation hearings? Or with disputed housing projects in Israel?

You guys just can't handle all the problems Boy Clinton's caused. So anything for a distraction. Well, his knee will heal soon enough. I wish I could say the same for the country.

-- Edward McDowell, March 17


I agree that not only is it time, but past time that President Clinton and Vice-President Gore be impeached.

Their lying, fraud, immorality, and liberal politics have been tolerated long enough by the American people.

-- Doug Sehorne, March 16

'Beat Up On The Chinese'

It looks to me like that politicians of both parties have been quick to jump on the wagon to beat up on the Chinese for their political deeds or misdeeds. Unless I am sadly mistaken, Korea, Israel, Japan, Indonesia, and many more have had much more of an influence on American politicians and public policy than the Chinese special interests. Political PACS and soft monies dumped into political processes are much more significant than the two or three million dollars the Chinese may have put into the Democratic Party effort. It sure looks to me like both parties have successfully put the blame on the Chinese, rather than get into the seedy business that plagues our system internally.

-- Sam Gardner, Jeffersonville, Ind., March 18

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