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More Thoughts On CDA

Earlier this week, we asked readers how they would have argued the Internet/Communications Decency Act at the Supreme Court. Here's some of the mail we got on that topic, as well as other issues. Send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com (And be sure to include your name and home town. We can't post your e-mail without it.)

'Not A New Medium'

I would tell the justices...

The Internet is not a new medium. The Internet is a new way of using a medium. The Internet is similar, but better than the phone system. In fact, the Internet is more similar to the postal service than any of the current telephone or broadcast systems. This is because information is accessed only by the requestor.

Just like the postal service, I must physically enter the address of the information that I wish to request from a location. It is also true within the postal system, that my 8-year-old daughter can write to a pornographic publisher and obtain indecent material. However, I do not want to see my snail mail read by a government official so that I can prevent my daughter from getting pornography. Similarly, I do not want my favorite Web sites screened for "indecency." It is my responsibility to see that my child does not feel the need to access that information. If necessary I can prevent her from sending mail to an address that I personally do not wish her to request literature from.

I urge you to keep the Internet a means by which the American people can communicate unhindered and freely. Please do not allow a future American government the ability to interpret words such as "indecent" in a manner that will be a hindrance to the voicing of views that may be for or against a cause. It is dangerous for the government to be allowed to define what is moral. Governments change, and its values will change. Please do not force good, free people to be subject to the whirlwinds of government policy.

Thank you,

-- Johan Sosa, Miami, Fla., March 19

'If You Limit...'

If you limit how one man can express himself on the Web, you limit all forms of expression. That includes critically acclaimed masterpieces and valuable information on Planned Parenthood and safe sex. It also limits the effectiveness of medical journals and sites devoted to detection of breast cancer, testicular cancer, and other diseases afflicting "indecent" areas. Legislation must be passed carefully as not to limit the useful resources of the Web as it weeds out the improper ones.

-- Terri Bendyna, Medford, N.J., March 19

'Censor History Itself'

In addition to graphic sex on the Internet, it is quite simple to find graphic images of human beings who have been killed and maimed by the U.S. and other governments. Why does Congress not care that my children might see the obscenity of their wars when they are so concerned with them seeing people make love? Maybe they are and the next step is to censor history itself. I say that Congress should go back to what they are best at, wasting money!

-- John Sileski, Huntington Beach, Calif., March 19

'Regulate Newscasts'

CNN and the AP do not care when the federal government attacks my Second Amendment rights. Please forgive me if I don't get too worked up when they attack your First Amendment rights. If you think the government is going to limit "speech" regulation with the Internet, you are sadly mistaken. I'll laugh when they regulate newscasts.

-- N.B. Forrest, March 19

'Tired Of Washington'

Was I diapering my child and JUST MISSED the CIA arms sales to Bosnian Muslims?

Isn't that just an extension of the Reagan/Bush era?

Before the next election, I demand a government activities database so I can analyze the statistics for myself.

I'm getting tired of Washington taking my money and emotional energy when I'm supposed to be out here quietly going to work every day and raising my child (alone) to be a good citizen.

Americans are getting the need for a national D.C. database, to make educated decisions in a split second, which is all child-rearing and working gives us anymore.

-- T. Thompson, March 19

'How Desperate'

After reading the article, "Burton Denies Shakedown", it really struck home to me just how desperate the Democratic party is becoming in light of all the campaign contribution problems they are having. My question is, "Why would Dan Burton 'shake down' Mark Siegel for campaign funds?" It's really silly considering Siegel's ties to the Democratic party. It's so obvious that Burton has been set up that it's not even funny. This is just an attempt by the Democrats to try and shift some of the blame off of themselves. This latest development is just too much of a coincidence. I believe the American people are smart enough to see through this obvious attempt by the Dems to get out from underneath the gun.


-- Michael Brewer, Jacksonville, N.C., March 19

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