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A Taxing Question

We asked for your reaction to the latest tax talk in Washington. House Speaker Newt Gingrich kicked it off by suggesting it might be a good idea to defer voting on tax cuts, in the interest of balancing the federal budget. Then the Clinton Administration signaled it might defer its proposed tax reductions, too, in the interests of an agreement. Here's a sample of what AllPolitics readers think. Send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com And be sure to remember to include your name and home town.

'Just Balloon The Deficit'

I think that balancing the budget is more important and should be done before anything other than targeted tax relief. Reducing taxes will just balloon the deficit.

-- John Stephenson, Prescott, Ariz., March 26

'The Real Issue Is Freedom'

The question of whether tax cuts should be delayed until the budget is balanced is not as simple as many people think because:

1. Delaying tax cuts until Congress learns to control itself and balance the budget may well result in a permanent delay!

2. Cuts in certain tax rates actually increase revenues. To those who doubt this, I say consider what happened to the US yacht-building industry when the tax surcharges made their product more expensive than used or foreign-made yachts -- thousands of middle-class, skilled workers lost their jobs when their employers went out of business. Removing that tax brought that industry back from the grave.

3. The real issue is freedom. When I was born (1953), my middle-class parents were paying less than 5 percent of their income in federal taxes. Today, I'm paying about 22 percent of my income in income tax, PLUS my share of Social Security AND Medicare taxes. We don't have control over most of our income. We are NOT free to spend money that's taxed away before we even see it.

So, this citizen thinks that tax cuts should NOT be delayed, and that any and every federal program that can be disbanded or shifted back to the states for them to run AND fund should be.

-- Ron Hathcock, Provo, Utah, March 26

'Tax Cuts Are NEEDED'

Contrary to static model disciples, tax cuts are NEEDED to get toward a balanced budget, particularly in the area of estate taxes and capital gains.

-- Jim Swavely, Easton, Pa., March 26

'Lost All Touch With Reality'

Frankly, I am fed up with the whole system. I would be happy to have a tax cut, no change or even a tax increase, if it would get us a budget, let alone a balanced one. I think the people in Washington have lost all touch with reality and I do not trust any of them. How long do they think we can wallow in this no man's land with each group afraid to do anything lest they fall under heavy criticism and risk their jobs. I have always been a Republican and could never vote Democratic, but I certainly did not cast my vote for inaction and ineptitude. Maybe I should have voted for Ross Perot.

-- Diane Neal, Summerville, S.C., March 26

'It's Great'

I think it's [Gingrich's suggestion] great. It's taking the ball out of Clinton's and the Democrats' court. Can you imagine what will happen when Newt comes back later with a comprehensive overhaul of the entire tax system? Bravo!

-- Jim Bentley, Escondido, Calif., March 26

'Pay Should Be Reduced'

Tax cuts should not be deferred. Taxes should be cut and the federal government should be reduced 50 percent. Congressional pay should be reduced 50 percent and/or eliminated until a balanced budget has been accomplished.

-- Bob Schieve, Sedona, Ariz., March 24

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