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A Grab Bag of Opinions

Congress has been out of town, and the news has been slow. Still, people are talking about taxes, tainted strawberries, and, lest we forget, campaign fund-raising. Here's some of the recent mail to AllPolitics. What are your thoughts? Send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com And be sure to remember to include your name and hometown.

'A Stable, Healthy Middle Class'

Republican tax cuts are aimed at helping their rich friends while making cuts in programs that increase opportunity for working people. To the average person, the few dollars saved in tax cuts, as proposed, would never compensate for losses in education, health, and other vital issues. To maintain democracy, a nation must have a stable, healthy middle class, while many today are fast falling out of it.

-- Gloria Bock, Boynton Beach, Fla.

'We Knew This Kind Of Thing Was Going To Happen'

I really think all food should be grown and processed here in the United States that is sold to the consumers. This is just an example of greed that companies seem to get by with, and we knew this kind of thing was going to happen when NAFTA passed. I'm wondering, what steps are being taken to keep such things as DDT out of our country? Nobody, including you, seems to want to address that topic.

-- Donna Miller, Dallas, Texas

'Do We Need To Manufacture News'?

Regarding: 'GOP Assails Dems in Fund-Raising Campaign'

Now that the we are finally over the Heaven's Gate media event, do we need to manufacture news to fill the void?

Republicans asking for money through legal channels is not news. The unfolding story of illegal Democratic campaign practices is news. That the president and the Democratic Party are raising money in the ways that they, themselves, call unethical is both hypocritical and more newsworthy than the nonstop Republican legal and ethical fund-raising.

The Republican fund-raising effort is mostly keeping the recycling firms in business.

I am enjoying your Internet news page.

-- Evan Brown, San Diego, Calif.

'It Breaks My Heart'

Being a Democrat it breaks my heart every time I read of the misdoings of the DNC. I clearly understand their need of monies to campaign properly but the money of foreign governments and convicted criminals -- I cannot understand.

I remember when my grandfather taught me what it meant to be a Democrat, and I knew I wanted to be a TRUE Democrat when he taught me these words, "The Democratic Party is a Party of the people for the people, not a Party for the people of the people." I can't help feeling that somewhere along the way the DNC forgot the distinction between "of the PEOPLE for the people" and "for the PEOPLE of the people."

-- Chris Jones

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