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On The Dole: More Reaction

We're still getting a ton of e-mail about Newt Gingrich's decision to pay his $300,000 ethics violation penalty with a loan from former Sen. Bob Dole. Here's more readers' letters.

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'Quit Crying'

Nothing will every satisfy the Democrats. I wish they could sit out here and see themselves like we have to see them and watch their follies on this issue. Nothing Newt ever did would make them happy ... I say it's time to put this behind and move on to "work" and just quit crying! Nothing makes me want to vote Republican more than watching these babies in action.

-- Linda Johansen, Portland, Ore., April 18

'Democrats Make A Big Stink'

A man suitable to be the leader of our country loans another citizen who is serving our country some money and the Democrats make a big stink of it. On the other hand we have drug-dealing foreigners donating to a man who has been charged with a sexual harassment case. We have foreign governments hiding their donations to a party headed by someone whose associates are being sentenced for illegal land dealings. Meanwhile nothing gets done to improve the country. Quit bickering and start working!

-- Gary Nassar, Tulsa, Okla., April 18

'Those Demon-Rats In Congress'

Newt's "sins" should never have called forth such a disproportionate remedy. Newt does not have the $300,000 to pay this illegitimate expense; however, since he decided to set an example for the country (and remind people to read every single word of any attorney's papers) then this was a wonderful solution. He is to insure the loan against loss, as well as to pay it off with a usurious rate of interest. It is a good deal for Bob Dole and a saving grace for Newt. If he had gotten a bank loan then those Demon-Rats in Congress would have investigated the bank, its terms, whether it would have business with the government, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum!!!

-- Andrea Cocco, April 18

'Sweetheart Terms'

Bob Dole is currently on retainer by the tobacco industry. The (reported) tobacco industry negotiations include Congress passing legislation barring future lawsuits against the industry. Bob Dole gives sweetheart terms to the speaker of the House. No conflict there. Duh!

-- Stephen Harvey, Laguna Niguel, Calif., April 18


Suggestions that Mr. Gingrich should have obtained a commercial loan are ludicrous. Can anyone imagine the firestorm of criticism and scrutiny that would have befallen the speaker and the institution in question if he would have taken that route. Anyone who doubts this should be reminded the controversy surrounding his book deal. Mr. Dole's gesture is not only honorable but the only solution to Gingrich's problem -- no money and wishing to avoid any stigma of any further impropriety. It is time to move to the more substantial allegations that surround the White House.

-- -- Richard R. de Villiers, Miami, Fla., April 18

'Truly Amiss'

If Mr. Gingrich could sell his home for a million dollars more than the asking price (Teddy-Boy Kennedy) or, alternatively, turn a $1,000 contract in cattle futures into $100,000 (President Hillary), perhaps he could afford to reimburse the $300,000. from his own pocket.

When the press can somehow equate Mr. Gingrich's history class to the FELONIES committed by the Clintons and their machine, something is truly amiss.

-- Doug Brown, April 18

'Get On With It'

I have no problem with the idea of a loan from Dole to Gingrich. Now it is time for the Democrats to accept the fact that Newt is the speaker and that they are the minority party and let the Congress get on with the business of the country. If there is any slowdown in Congress, it is the Democrats trying to regain the power that they lost. They need to get over it and get on with it.

-- Ron Morrell, April 18

'Noble Action'

The contrast between the noble action of the speaker of the House and the decision from the attorney general to continue with the cover-ups in the Clinton Administration is remarkable.

The president and his disciples need to examine their actions and fulfill the oath of preserving and protecting the high morals this country deserves.

-- Paulo Nery, Katy, Texas

'His Business, Not Anyone Else's'

Newt is paying back a reimbursement to cover investigation costs for one, out of 74 investigations. How he obtains the money is his business, not anyone else's as long as he doesn't use taxpayers' money. The practice of obtaining private loans has been around for a long time and is accepted, so why is anyone concerned or upset? What about the other 73 investigations that turned out to be frivolous? Should [Rep. David] Bonior be forced to provide reimbursement for the investigations resulting from his frivolous charges?

-- Phil Jankay, April 18

'The I.Q. Of A Turnip'

There is absolutely no satisfying some of the more rabid, wide-eyed, whining, shrill-voiced Newt haters. Therefore it does not matter whether these radical, liberal jerks who have the I.Q. of a turnip are satisfied or not. With all of their own scandals whirling around them, all they can do is point at Newt and wail and hope that this makes them look better. The only reason this loan is stirred up is because of the liberal hate monger media!

It makes no difference where Newt borrows the money from; he has to pay it back at 10 percent.

Maybe he should contact the DNC for funds. I understand they have a wealth of Commie money from the Chinese.

-- David E. Miller, April 18

'A Finely Crafted Political Transaction'

Let's try to understand how this works. Bob Dole "loans" Newt the $300,000, but not a penny has to be paid until after Newt retires from the House and rakes in the big $$$ from the inevitable book deals and speaking tours. What's more, Dole, who's now counsel for one of Washington's biggest and most politically active firms, ingratiates himself and his firm's clients with the House leadership. And as an extra added bonus, Dole rebuilds his family's ties with the conservative wing of the party, bolstering wife Elizabeth's presidential nomination hopes for 2000.

This is hardly a favor to a friend. This is a finely crafted political transaction, a sweetheart deal with clear political payoffs for all concerned and possible impact on public policy decisions as well. Watch to see if the clients of Dole's firm get favorable legislation during the next few years and if Liddy Dole gets Newt's blessing in 2000.

-- Bob Smith, Rochester N.Y., April 18

'A Benchmark'

Mr. Newt has stepped up to the assessment for the repayment of House investigating expenses. This act needs to be used as a benchmark for all the other investigations in Washington. Maybe Mr. Gephardt would also like to pay for his investigation that allowed him to "rewrite" his personal financial statement. Maybe Webb Hubbell could repay the Congress. That brings us to the president and his employees and friends. If found to be in "error" as Gephardt or "mistaken" like Mr Newt, then they should reimburse the "people" for the millions it's taking to ferret out their unethical and possibly illegal relationships.

-- Kent Herrick, Cabot, Ark., April 18

'Liberal Gingrich-Bashers'

I was delighted to hear of Dole's loan. Sickened by the reaction of the usual band of liberal Gingrich-bashers, I worry about such large "fines" making politics an even more unattractive vocation. Hurray for Dole and Gingrich.

-- David Anderson, Portland, Ore., April 18

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