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The Budget Deal: Your Views

Here's a sample of some of the e-mail we've gotten in the past few days on the five-year, balanced budget deal. If you'd like to comment on the day's news, send us e-mail editor@AllPolitics com And be sure to include your name and home town.

'Nothing But Smoke And Mirrors'

This is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It will only balance on the paper it was printed on. We lost again. How can you increase spending and pretend to cut budgets and balance out? Only in Washington, D.C. Wish I could do my checking in such a way. Without going to jail!

-- Jeff Gill, Maple Valley, Wash., May 6

'Political Cowardice'

With sadness, I see once again the political cowardice of so-called "representatives of the people" formulating a deception of half-truths, misrepresentations and overt lies to convince the gullible public that ONCE AGAIN THEY ARE PROVIDING A BALANCED BUDGET. It appears that the Republican leadership, out-gunned and out-smarted by the Clintonites, have joined these disreputable liars and cheats in assuming that the American people will believe any lie, however outrageous, if packaged properly. God Bless America but most importantly, GOD HELP US!

-- Bill Compton, May 6

'Work Together'

Shows they can work together!

-- Ed Minich, May 5

'Asked To Sacrifice More'

Once again federal retirees are asked to sacrifice more than regular retirees, namely Social Security recipients and military retirees. The latest insult is being required to have our COLA [cost-of-living adjustment] delayed by three months which represents a 25 percent reduction in the yearly COLA. Savings attributable only to changes in our COLAs from 1981 to 1996 have cost civil service retirees $47.2 billion. Justice demands that we be treated like other retirees and not have our COLAs delayed. Those legislators who are concerned about implementing their Contract With America should give some thought to the moral contract the government had with their employees.

-- Paul Russo, Staten Island, N.Y., May 5

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