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Late-Term Abortions: More Reader Reaction

We got tons of mail on the Senate's late-term abortion debate, and here's more of it. If you'd like to comment on the day's news, send us e-mail at editor@AllPolitics com And be sure to include your name and home town.

'Buzz Off, Guys'

It is amazing to me how many men demand control of women's bodies. Men freak out at the prospect of being denied access to guns, but think women should willingly turn over control of their bodies to men in government. I'll bet these same men have had sex with multiple partners with never a thought to their role in creating another member of society. Men do not take responsibility for their sexual promiscuity; instead they punish the victim. Women have rights. We are more than just baby incubators. Buzz off, guys. Control your own reproductive machinery. Leave us alone. The decisions women must make regarding an unwanted pregnancy are truly devastating. Quit being a bully!! Women are intelligent human beings who are capable of making our own intelligent decisions.

-- E. Gant, Phoenix, Ariz., May 15

'Quite Bad'

I believe that the bill now (Santorum's version) in Congress banning partial-birth abortions should be passed, and if vetoed by our president, who had repeatedly taken very pro-abortion stances, it should be overridden. Many on the pro-choice side say that a loss here might put all abortions in the spotlight. Well, that's a start. I think it says something quite bad about our current culture that we, as a country, have allowed babies to have their brains sucked out in the first place.

-- Paul Nolette, Holliston, Mass., May 16

'Who Will We Murder Next?'

Abortion is America's Holocaust. Who will we murder next? Our elderly parents because it's inconvenient for us to take care of them? Someone that has a low I.Q. or someone who is blind because they are imperfect? God created all of us, even the imperfect and God and only God has the right to decide when our lives should end.

-- Jeff Faber, Molalla, Ore., May 16

'Last Resort'

Late-term abortions are performed as a medical procedure of last resort, not on demand. The procedure is rarely performed and only in cases where the mother or baby will suffer extremely serious health consequences, irreparable harm, or even death. This decision belongs with those present in the delivery room -- informed physicians and the women who are their patients. It is not possible to legislate happy endings for all human problems. In fact, if this procedure is made illegal, unhappiness with only be compounded. The unborn do not belong on senators' constituency lists.

-- C. Henderson, Casper, Wyo., May 16

'Doesn't Mean He Can't Make A Comment'

Just because a man will never go through the moral turmoil of "should I" or "shouldn't I" in relation to abortion, doesn't mean he can't make a comment on whether it is right or wrong.

-- Darren Dickson, Izmir, Turkey, May 16


It seems most unbelievable to me that lawmakers should even have to debate this issue. The right to life is provided for all Americans in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and just about any other document that came out of the U.S. era of independence gaining. Lawmakers bicker over whether the woman has the right to murder her baby. If one's definition of life is a beating heart and a working brain then all abortions are wrong. But this debate is whether or not the life of a viable baby is valuable or not. How can we even question this?

There have been those in history that desired to alter the natural process of conception and birth, those we call tyrants, butchers, and maniacs. If this continues in our nation are we any different than Hitler's Germany? Should we anticipate any lesser judgment than that received by Sodom and Gomorrah? In the eternal perspective our nation will be judged by how the leaders make the morally correct decision, despite the will of the liberals and rebellious groups that wish to pervade even the most basic rights of all Americans (life) with their concepts of convenience.

PASS THE SANTORUM BILL!!! Then override the veto!!! Call on the God of Heaven for wisdom, or our nation will continue its moral downward plummet.

-- Bill Waddell, Carlisle, Pa., May 16

'When We Rationalize'

... When we rationalize what is objectively wrong, as the taking of life of a helpless creature -- a child to be born -- we put aside all remains of the most basic human values, which separate us from the beasts.

When we start to rationalize murder, it is as if a child argues why he cannot just do whatever he wants, why going to school, why not just hitting a friend he doesn't like, why not just kill him...

... By not recognizing right and wrong, we put ourselves in a position where everything is to be viewed from a logical, subjective and by all means selfish point of view.

This perception of reality is extremely dangerous and should be fought and resisted with all remains of strength by all those who still possess a shred of consciousness and humanity.

-- Eric Lagunes, Veracruz, Mexico, May 16

'A Sad Commentary'

That this subject is even being debated is a sad commentary on our society.

Abortion is murder. None should be allowed unless the woman is in great and immediate danger of losing her life. Five liberal members of the Supreme Court fabricated this "right" in 1973. No right to kill unborn children exists in the United States Constitution.

The Supreme Court was wrong in Plessey v. Ferguson, it was wrong in Dred Scott v. Sanford, and it is wrong in Roe v. Wade.

The protection of life, stated in the 14th Amendment is right.

-- Curt Littlegreen, Columbus, Ohio, May 15

'A Direct Infringement'

It may seem like mainstream, liberal fare, but I believe any abridgement of a woman's right to control her reproductive and other personal and medical functions is a direct infringement on her personal liberties.

Possibly a violation of right to religious preference, since we're being forced to accept a conservative (fundamentalist) stance, though we may not share that doctrine. I deeply resent folks telling us what god's will is, when life begins, and what should exist in my conscience between me and my god. I don't believe anyone on Earth has an inside line on when life begins, and I certainly would not impose my beliefs on another person. Religious discussions on when "life" begins are vague and certainly inconclusive. Is it at conception? At birth? Is the sperm and ovum itself alive? Who knows! I kind of like the bumper sticker: If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one.

-- Eric Benjamin, Northampton, Mass., May 15

'Sticking Their Noses Into Medical Problems'

I feel that all abortions are bad. However, in some circumstances it is the lesser of two evils. The problem is that I hate to see politicians sticking their noses into medical problems. Our doctors are getting beat up by the HMO's and now it is becoming a political football. Politicians should be the last ones in line to say what doctors can and can not do. Most of them will make a decision based on who is pressuring them the most, probably the Catholic Church, rather than what the best medical opinions tell them.

-- Jim Robertson, Kearneysville, W. Va., May 15

'Wrestle With The Decision'

I am a 23 year-old woman who believes in a woman's right to choose. I also believe that this is a very emotional issue for any woman who must wrestle with the decision of whether to undergo an abortion, and no one undergoes abortion casually, late in the term or early. Women do not want to need to make a decision of this sort. But the answer is not to eliminate the need for making a decision.

Our country is based on free rights. Our Declaration of Independence states that everyone has the right to life and liberty. Bearing a child may impair a woman's opportunity to pursue these rights. No child should cause its mother's death. No child should take away its mother's liberty.

If a woman discovers late in her pregnancy that she has cancer and will not be able to undergo chemotherapy because it would endanger the life of her fetus, should she be sentenced to death because she will soon bear a child?

If a woman is in an abusive marriage and finally escapes late in her pregnancy, should she be forced to bear a child who will force her to interact with her abuser who has threatened her liberty and life?

Sadly, these are not unusual scenarios. These situations happen every day.

A woman's access to abortions should not be limited, especially by men. Men do not need access to abortions because they will never be pregnant. We cannot, therefore, expect them to act in a woman's best interest when legislating abortion. Unfortunately, the president, more than 80 percent of the U.S. Congress, and seven of the nine justices of the Supreme Court are male. This is not equal representation. Laws should not be made by people they will never affect.

-- Kirstin Fearnley, Middletown, Conn., May 15

'No Constitutional Basis'

I am opposed to federal legislation in this area, because the federal government has no constitutional basis for such legislation. This does not involve interstate commerce.

An editorial in today's Baltimore Sun on this topic is right on point.

-- R. Malech, Columbia, Md., May 15

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