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Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

The Fund-Raising Hearings Begin

With the start of Senate hearings into campaign finance abuses, once again the spotlight is on whether Democrats stepped over the line in 1996 in their drive to raise campaign dollars.

What do you think Sen. Fred Thompson and his committee will find? Are you interested in the hearings? Do you think there should be both Senate and House hearings, or is one inquiry enough? Do you think President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore should testify before the committee?

Let us know what you think via e-mail to Be sure to include your name and home town.

Here's some of the e-mail we've received so far:

'An Excellent Job'

I think that Sen. Thompson is going to do an excellent job with his investigation, and I believe that if those who do not testify after they are called to testify, they should be severely dealt with in the courts. Unless the subpoenas have biting power to them, they won't mean a hill of beans. I believe BOTH parties should be looked at from all levels. And yes I do believe President Clinton and Vice President Gore should testify if called. They owe it to the American people to tell what they know.

-- Michael Warren, Ridgeland, Miss., July 8

'Can Do The Job'

Sen. Thompson's committee hopefully will find that President Clinton gave favors to foreign countries for money to re-elect him. One of these favors, I believe, was to Indonesia when he declared the Utah lands a national monument. I am very interested in the hearings and think that the Senate hearings can do the job.

[Rep.] Burton is not a lawyer and has too much bad publicity to be able to carry on a fair hearing. It would do no good to have Bill Clinton or Al Gore testify, as both would lie, the president doing the better job!

Thanks for making your site available, and I'll look forward to seeing it daily.

-- Joan Cone, Williamsburg, Va., July 7

'Wasting Millions Of Dollars'

Who do people like Dan Burton think they're fooling? These investigations are wasting of millions of dollars and those "in charge" will not even commit themselves to campaign funding and spending reform!!

It's amazing that the economy HAS improved, given the huge amount of time and money spent on the many investigations which have been ongoing since the start of the president's first term. The American public is not interested in these clearly partisan hearings. Do we have to wait until 2000 A.D. to see an end to these financially draining attempts on the part of future Republican presidential candidates?

As a teacher of government and economics I find it very hard to teach my students that a representative democracy is one which is responsive to the needs and wishes of the electorate when they see the waste of time and energy in these overextended hearings which, to date, have found no proof of any illegal actions by either the first Lady or the president.

-- Elaine Lopez, Los Angeles, July 7

'Thank You'

Thank you for your plans to provide "gavel to gavel" coverage of Sen. Thompson's hearings. Our local cable provider (a TCI affiliate) has replaced one of our two C-SPAN channels with more revenue producing programming! So much for the cable industry's commitment to providing coverage of our government's proceedings. I look forward to your coverage.

-- Ken Berge, July 7

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