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The Campaign Finance Hearings: More Of Your Reactions

We've gotten a lot of e-mail about the Senate's campaign finance hearings.

Here's some of the most recent, and if you've like to add your views, send us e-mail to Be sure to include your name and home town.

'America's Most Corrupt Presidential Political Machine'

Kudos to Fred Thompson and Dan Burton for attempting to get to the bottom of America's most corrupt presidential political machine in the last 60 years. No doubt, given the collective amnesia of this administration, political stone-walling, and overtime shredding, evidence will be hard to find of wrong doing. Nevertheless, the American people deserve better. Let's hope Congress can shed light on corruption at the very highest levels of our government. America will survive Clinton.

-- Tom Jahnke, Apple Valley, Calif., July 14

'Stop Your China Bashing'

As a very avid "fan" of the American values of "fairness," "equality" and "justice," it bothers me a lot that a person of such stature as Sen. Fred Thompson should wage his version of the British "Opium War" on China. How could a country that just got a portion of its territory back after more than 100 years of British colonization influence politics of the greatest country on earth? Moreover it is a pure insult to all the politicians and government employees of America to be accused of being easy targets from foreign governments in exchange for cash? I would like to know Sen. Thompson's view of the British colonization of Hong Kong in the past and the Falklands, British Virgin Islands and etc. Does the British government influence his thinking on such issues? Come on, Mr. Thompson, China is a country that is trying to improve the living standards of each people not at the expense of colonizing some far-away land. I hope that you should stop your China bashing because it shows some foreign government is eating your brain. Thank you very much.

-- S.H. Tan, July 14

'It Is Imperative They Are Broadcast'

The current White House scandals are an embarrassment for all Americans regardless of party affiliation. No matter how disheartening the senatorial hearings may become, it is imperative they are broadcast. In a free and open society, we hang out our dirty laundry for all to see. It is a reminder for all, the ends do not justify the means and none is above the law. The media needs to step up to the plate, quit playing favorites and broadcasting the hearings and let the chips fall where they may, just as they did for Iran-Contra and Watergate. Allow the American public to formulate their own opinions, rather than listen to the 30-second sound bites from the spinmasters. Help us place pressure on the media.

-- David D'Onofrio, Tampa, Fla., July 14

'Entertainment-Meter Readings'

Odd that you would describe the campaign funding hearings as getting off to "A Sputtering Start" if this is a movie review. Real journalists don't jump to such entertainment-meter readings.

What about the truth? Who cares how the hearing goes one day or the other. Your reporters need to begin participating in history by digging for truth -- not just doing a thumbs up or down on the performance.

-- William L. Smith, July 13

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