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The Senate Hearings Continue: Your Comments

Here's more reader e-mail on the Senate hearings, and if you've like to add your views, send us e-mail to Be sure to include your name and home town.

'Egg On Your Liberal Faces'

I just had to laugh at your AllPolitics e-mail to me yesterday just after I listened to the evening news coverage of the Senate hearings. You liberals are really fast to put your spin on things. Sen. Thompson is just warming up, before you guys try to put him in his coffin and say that he is being embarrassed due to lack of evidence to support his opening claims of a Chinese plot to influence American politics. NOW YOU HAVE EGG ON YOUR LIBERAL FACES!!! After yesterday's revelations, even the biased Democratic senators were agreeing with Sen. Thompson! Sorry that he burst your bubble and that there is truth to the corrupt nature of the top Democratic leadership!

I just wish you would report the news and not put your liberal spin on things. You don't fool anybody with your garbage.

I look forward to more entertaining, liberal spin from you foolish people. Face it, liberalism is dead unless you do like Clinton and try and hide it under a cloak of conservatism.

Grateful for the laughs!

-- Michael Larose, July 16

'Just A Front'

Even if one is a Democrat, it seems obvious that Lippo's U.S. companies were just a front for funneling money to the U.S. These companies never made any money, yet contributed nearly $100,000. Now considering Johnny's [John Huang] salary and bonuses, it couldn't have been from the performance of the companies he ran. He must really be a personable guy!

How long can someone like [Sen. Robert] Torricelli be allowed to act like an idiot before it is considered to be obstructing the hearings?

If it wasn't for C-Span, most of these things would go unnoticed and you would get the sound bites from CNN and the rest of the media. From watching C-Span, it appears that every one of the Republicans is trying to prove wrongdoing while every one of the Democrats is denying it or saying everyone does it.

I suggest that every one of the Democrats (especially Torricelli) in the hearings wear a red shirt as a show of support for Huang, the Lippo group and China. Maybe the Democrats should join the witnesses and be part of their counsel staff. It doesn't seem like they want to find out what is the truth.

-- Julio Navarro, July 16

'Why On God's Earth'

Although I am very pleased that you are carrying the campaign finance hearings through your Web site, I must say after all of the interminable O.J. hearings you carried live on CNN, why on god's earth aren't you carrying the hearings as well?

I am very disappointed.

-- Jim Merrick, July 16

'A Political Mouthpiece'

CNN did the news with the O.J. trial, spending hours on a partially educated wife-beater.

Yet, we have a president and a Congress that has sold its soul to a foreign government and we do not get coverage.

Could your lack of coverage reflect your political views as opposed to being news of non-importance?

CNN is becoming a political mouthpiece for the administration.

This country really needs an unbiased news source.

-- David Cameron, Danville, Calif., July 15

'Senator Thompson - Whup On 'Em!'

My comment is addressed to anyone on the panel who is focused on anything but the real reason for you-all being there in the first place, and that is that there were "ACTUAL" violations committed in relation to campaign finances. You are, as I understand it, trying to sort out who did what and when and who had prior/post knowledge of those violations -- period!! Now do it. Get on with it.

Senator Thompson -- whup on 'em!

-- Paul Price, July 15

'Eat Crow'

Eat crow. You and all the liberal media should sit down together and eat crow for spreading spin to discredit Sen. Thompson and the Republicans on the first few days of the hearings. You all should apologize to Sen. Thompson and the American people for your shortcomings. I'm willing to bet that you have no backbone to do so. I'm right, right?

Thank you.

-- Terry Forbes, July 15

'When All Is Said And Done'

I think when all is said and done the committee will show the American people that there was a conspiracy to funnel money to the DNC and that both Clinton and Gore were aware of what was going on. Gore was also aware of the fund-raising in the Buddhist temple in California. New laws would not solve this problem. There are laws and I feel these were clearly broken.

-- James Abner, Houston, Texas, July 15

'I Do Care, I Watch, I Listen'

I just wish the major media outlets would quit trying to cover for the DNC, telling the whole world that Americans don't care about all the crimes committed by the DNC, White House and their cronies.

I do care, I watch, I listen and vote accordingly. Those responsible should absolutely be prosecuted. Tax dollars should be used for independent counsels.

Thank you for listening!

-- Vinson Scott, Manassas, Va., July 15

'We Want To See The Hearings -- Live!'

We want the see the hearings - live!!!!! While some of us have access to computers and the Internet, most people don't so your live coverage on the Internet doesn't work.

It is very annoying that none of the networks are covering the hearings. The media has decided that the public isn't interested. WE ARE INTERESTED. We have a right to have access to these hearings and for most people the only way to get that is through the TV Networks.

Ratings should have nothing to do with it. The networks are treating these hearings like a "Movie of the Week." Is it exciting? Is there a smoking gun? Where's the bombshell? Give us a break. We want to watch the hearings so we can judge for ourselves what is going on.

Most of it may be pretty boring but we need to see for ourselves. Do you honestly think soap operas, quiz shows and "I'm having an affair with my brother's sister" is more important than these hearings? I don't think so.

This is our government. This is our country. We deserve to see these hearings. And don't worry: "If you show them, they will watch"!

-- Susan and Wayne Kay, Annandale, Va., July 15

'At Least One Person Interested'

This is to let you know there is at least one person interested in the Senate hearings, and they are not boring, even though that's the spin the White House, Democrats & even most TV media have put on these hearings. (Suggestion: Tune in to C-SPAN-Washington Journal calls to find out what folks out here think about TV media coverage).

Thanks so much ... for telling me about Senator Lieberman (D-Conn.) I only wish the Democrats, especially Senator Glenn (D-Ohio), Senator Torricelli (D-N.J.) and other Democrats on the committee, could stop taking this so personally and start thinking in terms: This is the White House and this is serious business!!!! It has nothing to do with Demcrat/Republican.

Hats off and three loud cheers for Senator Lieberman !!!!!

Thanks again, AllPolitics, you are appreciated!!

-- Pat Manning, Doylestown, Pa., July 15

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