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Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

More Comments On CNN Hearing Coverage

We're getting considerable e-mail about CNN coverage of the Senate fund-raising hearings, as well as Tuesday's discussion of the issue on "Inside Politics."

Here's a sample of the e-mail, and if you've like to comment on the hearings or the day's news, write us at Be sure to include your name and home town.

'No Wonder Our Country Is In A Mess

I cannot understand why we are not seeing and hearing the hearings. The sane people of this country would like to hear it instead of so much of the gay problems and Versace. No wonder our country is in a mess. The people in power or with the money don't know what is really important. I know it is on the Internet, but just how many people have access to a computer? On TV they can tape it even if they are working. We would be better off if TV was never invented. We only have access to mostly junk.

-- Sylvia Fullerton, July 23

'Without Your Superior Instincts...'

Thank God we have CNN to decide which witnesses they should carry live. Without your superior instincts, the American public might actually have to decide for itself what is important and what is not!!!! Heaven forbid that anyone should think that we are capable of disseminating information without the "spin and analysis" of the news media. Barbour -- important! Sullivan -- unimportant! I wouldn't have known that if you hadn't told me. I might have ridiculously listened to both and made my own judgment. Forgive me!!!!!!!

-- Linda Paravella, Virginia Beach, Va., July 23

'Shame On You'

Shame on you, CNN, for keeping the American people from hearing the truth about what appears to be a very corrupt organization. Serious crimes were committed by members of the current administration and people nominated and supported by the president. And how do we find out about what's going on? We must stay up until 2 a.m. and watch C-Span. The alternative, once you work through the mini-maze to find it, is a 2-by-3 inch video stream on the AllPolitics page.

It is a very sad commentary on the news media today that they no longer consider the search for truth to be their job. You focus on what you think is important to the American people in your liberal view, and todays' young journalist believes that he/she should exercise their own initiatives in deciding what to show and how to show it.

I have watched the network news for 40 years, and I have seen a major change from the days when you could not really tell the political orientation of the news reporters. Today you can tell the political bias in almost every story. And what is worse is what you don't tell us, like the current hearings. George Orwell was right; the future has brought us to a point where all our news is simply propaganda. But even Mr. Orwell would be shocked to find it was the press who runs such a propaganda machine and not the government.

-- Dick Dell, Raleigh, N.C., July 23

'Quite Revealing'

Dear Frank Sesno [who appeared on "Inside Politics" to discuss CNN's coverage of the hearings],

I have to disagree with you regarding whether anyone would watch the Thompson Senate hearings. If CNN would show the hearings, I believe people would watch (If you build it, they will come).

I am fortunate to have a satellite dish so I can watch gavel to gavel coverage on NET and come to my own conclusions. Watching Richard Sullivan "testify" was truly painful. Here was a young man who was obviously being leaned on by the Democrats to change his testimony from when he was deposed. Here was a young man at the beginning of his law career trying not to lie under oath. Maybe you didn't find this testimony interesting, but for many of us, it was quite revealing.

The tension between Senators Thompson and Glenn, as well as the rest of the committee, was projected through the tube. Rhetoric and body language were most telling. It would be impossible to reproduce that on a news update.

Many people are angry because they do not have access to the hearings. Many others are buying satellite dishes in record numbers. Yes, the people want to watch! I hope you change your mind.

-- Virginia C. Inman, Los Angeles, July 22

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