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LBJ Tapes, Part V

The year was 1964, the most powerful man in American politics was locked in a stalemate of sorts with a prominent member of arguably the most powerful political family in America. Since the assassination of John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson had worked to keep good relations with the Kennedy family. On July 4th, 1964, Johnson, relaxing at the LBJ Ranch spoke to Jackie Kennedy at the Kennedy's compound.

convention lbj signs

(480K wav sound)

But Robert Kennedy was a major political problem for Johnson in the summer of 1964. The attorney general wanted to be the vice presidential nominee, but Johnson knew it would lose him Southern support and he did not trust Kennedy. In a July 23 call to Texas Gov. John Connally, the president suggested Robert Kennedy was stirring up trouble among blacks in Mississippi who were threatening to disrupt the Democratic Convention.

macnamara Johnson No sign johnson on phone

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Johnson feared his rejection of Kennedy would start a fight that could split the Democratic Party.

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On July 29, 1964, Johnson met with Kennedy in the Oval Office to let him know he was not his choice for vice president. The president described the meeting to advisor McGeorge Bundy.

convention lbj signs

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Johnson said he offered Kennedy any other job, but he declined.

(256K wav sound)

In later calls, Johnson described Kennedy's smile as a sneer. The next month, Robert Kennedy took center stage at the convention, not as a nominee, but to honor his brother's memory.

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