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Notebook: George Bush Reflects
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Notebook: George Bush Reflects

Time cover

"I blew it."

George Bush, on choosing Dan Quayle as his running mate in 1988, in a new biography

"We got here real early this morning. It was just me, the crew and the special prosecutors."

Steve Doocy, Fox News weatherman, on attending a White House briefing on global warming

Campaign Fund Raising: For The Love Of Liddy, Don't Rouch Your Wallet

(TIME, October 13) -- To raise the money to run for president, it's not only necessary to start early, it's imperative to stop others from starting early. That's why calls are being made to top Republican donors on behalf of ELIZABETH DOLE. The word is out to Republican bigwigs not to make early commitments to other candidates. Even if the Mrs. decides not to run, the calls have side benefits. Says a Dole intimate: "Does it help her chance at future appointments if her name is in the mix? Does it help her husband's law practice? Does it help the Republican Party with the gender gap if a dynamic woman is being talked about?" Yes, yes and yes.

--By John F. Dickerson/Washington

Trading With Iran: The White House vs. The State Dept.

There's a battle in the Clinton administration over how to deal with French oil giant TOTAL and its $2 billion natural-gas deal with Iran. National Security Council and White House political aides want to crack down on Total, using the law Congress passed last year requiring sanctions for foreign companies doing business with Iran. But European experts at the State Department prefer to waive the penalties if France promises to restrict other dealings with the rogue nation. They fear the dispute could escalate into a major trade war with Europe and Asia. "There's absolute unanimity on the undesirability of what Total has done," says a senior Clinton Administration official. "But there is not unanimity yet on what our policy should be in response."

--By Douglas Waller/Washington and Bruce Crumley/Paris

Drug Policy: When Times Are Tough, Go After The General

House speaker Newt Gingrich, anxious to right himself after a bruising year, is turning his guns on a retired four-star general: BARRY MCCAFFREY, President Clinton's drug czar. "Dismal. Baloney," GINGRICH scoffed at McCaffrey's antidrug strategy. "I met with General McCaffrey two months ago and said, 'I want a World War II-style victory plan--a decisive, all-out, cataclysmic effort to break the back of the drug culture."

McCaffrey, who saw combat in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm, responded to the Speaker's salvo with bemusement. He noted that the Administration is already doing nearly everything Gingrich demands, starting with a $178 million antidrug media campaign to be honchoed by none other than G.O.P. virtuecrat William Bennett.

--By Elaine Shannon/Washington

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