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E-mail From Washington

From: Pat Neal/CNN
In: Miami Beach, Fla.
Posted 11-21-97

Subject: Dems To Lift Self-Imposed Donation Caps

Colorado Gov. Roy Romer, general chair of the Democratic National Committee, told CNN today the Democratic Party will today announce that it's lifting its voluntary cap on donations at $100,000.

"We put that voluntary cap on back in January trying to say to Republicans come join us. Let's start getting rid of soft money. They refused to do it. Secondly, we wanted to do it to see if we could get campaign-finance reform going down the road. That did not happen. We're gonna have to take that cap off because Republicans took advantage of us, they poured millions of dollars into this last election in 1997, about five to one. And we're going to have to take that cap off and say we're going to play by even rules," Romer said in an on-camera interview in Miami Beach.

Romer is meeting with the Association of State Democratic Chairs, holding its winter meeting in Miami Beach.

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E-Mail From Washington:
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Dems To Lift Self-Imposed Donation Caps

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