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'Still Holding My Sides Laughing'

I particularly enjoyed your news clip this morning of two turkeys strolling along a White House corridor and one of them, in full view of the camera, relieving himself. I'm still holding my sides laughing! (Must have been a Republican turkey.) Could anyone tell me if this was the bird that President Clinton "pardoned" or was it one that had to make "the ultimate sacrifice" for Thanksgiving at the White House?

My congratulations to the newscasters who were able to maintain their composures after this clip was run. What professionals!

-- Michael J. Powers, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Nov. 26

'In Poor Taste'

Regarding your recent All Politics article entitled, "Cohen Intervened on Army Burial," I find it to be in poor taste that you are reporting on these matters, especially in such a negative and clearly adversarial manner.

Digging to find as much dirt as possible is not good journalism, and it compounds the cynical attitude of the populace towards our democratic process. Instead of just writing an article like the aforementioned, cite specific, clear incidences of wrongdoings if that is what you are after, rather than craft a shadowy picture of some events in order to cast a pall of doubt.

-- Zandra Ellis, El Centro, Calif., Nov. 26

'Miss The Point'

In your article "Berkeley Paper Apologizes For Chelsea Column," CNN seemed to miss the point of the Daily Cal's apology. Their point was that Chelsea and any other Stanford student should not have there right to safety infringed upon by publishing the name of their dorm. Guy Branum is clearly an idiot, but his column was published in the opinion section of the Daily Cal, and until the First Amendment is repealed I don't think that the Daily Cal should be chastised for allowing stupid people to express their opinion ...

-- Matt Hetrick, Berkeley, Calif., Nov. 24

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