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Janet Reno's Decision

We received a ton of mail on Attorney General Janet Reno's decision not to seek independent counsels to look at Bill Clinton's and Al Gore's campaign fund-raising.

Here's a sample, and if you'd like to comment on Reno's decision or any other news of the day, please drop us an e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com Be sure to include your name and home town.

'Profoundly Disappointing'

While not unexpected, Ms. Reno's decision not to request the appointment of an independent counsel is profoundly disappointing. It appears that the Clinton Administration is simply thumbing its nose at the American people and the rule of law.

I have always believed that in the United States, gross malfeasance and great crimes would ultimately be found out and punished. Apparently my belief is not only naive, but transparently so. I could never have any confidence in anything Ms. Reno does hereafter. The only solution is for Congress to inform the president that it no longer has any confidence in Ms. Reno and to request the Judiciary Committee to open an inquiry into her impeachment.

If Congress cannot or will not act, then our liberties in this republic are in grave danger.

-- C.R. Perelli-Minetti, Dec. 3

'A Defense Team For The President'

It appears that Attorney General Janet Reno finally did what was necessary to save her own job. The rumors of her removal by the president after his re-election must have put the fear of God in the attorney general. I must say that I am very disappointed that the Office of the Attorney Genernal has been turned into a defense team for the president. I believe that the attorney general made a serious error in judgment that ruined her credibility. I think nothing short of her resignation is acceptable.

-- Richard Cole, Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 2

'Impeach Her'

Innocent people are languishing in Florida'a jail because Reno advanced her own career by directing her "experts" in child abuse cases to not videotape their interviews with the children since such interviews were proven to be faulty by medical science. People who were convicted in other states were set free -- but not in Florida. To do so would have jeopardized her chance at becoming Clinton's legal henchman.

Now she decides that the law regarding solicitation on government property does not apply to the White House. I say, let's impeach her before she puts all of the innocent people in jail and lets all of the lawbreakers run free (provided that they are Democrats, of course).

-- Jack McVickers, Scottsdale, Ariz., Dec. 2

'Libel Without The Proof'

If Senator Fred Thompson is so concerned and upset about the decision to not seek independent counsel, why does he not file his own lawsuit? My guess is, it would then be libel without the proof he needs to legally win this battle.


-- Steve Clarke, Dec. 2

'Those Partisan Republicans'

For pete's sake, why do those partisan Republicans cry foul when the attorney general makes a decision based on precise interpretation of the law? They refuse to admit that they MAY be a bit too partisan on this issue and that they simply do NOT know everything. I suppose that it doesn't matter though in the long run. If they can't get the public to stand up and cheer them on this issue, they'll just keep looking for another issue to try to smear Clinton and then another one and another one, etc.

They don't care in any way shape or form to uphold the ideals of truth and justice, they just what to destroy the person who took the White House away from them. I'm not saying that Clinton is perfect by any stretch of the imagination; he's a career politician who just happens to be a bit slicker then the Republican career politicians and they can't handle that. They are the most hypocritical bunch of self-serving egomanics that we've ever had in Congress.

-- Paul Ruzicka, Littleton, Colo., Dec. 2

'No Longer Independent'

Janet Reno should have appointed the independent counsels.

For it is not Bill Clinton or Al Gore or Hazel O'Leary who is now truly in question, but the very real semblance our Justice Department is no longer independent and impartial to the Executive Branch.

As has been noted on CNN, the phone calls were the least serious of all allegations which could have been investigated.

-- David Lee, Dec. 2

'A Disgrace To The Office'

Janet Reno is a joke and a disgrace to the office. She is simply a puppet of Clinton and Gore.

-- Linda Ernst, Lancaster, Texas, Dec. 2

'Did The Right Thing'

I believe the attorney general did the right thing. This is Republican revenge for the past 40 years, and politics being politics, what else do you expect?

I think that the attorney general is the only one that has her head on straight, certainly not Mr. Freeh.


-- Uwe Pickering, Dec. 2

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