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Janet Reno's Decision: More Reaction

We're still getting e-mail about Attorney General Janet Reno's decision not to seek independent counsels to look at Bill Clinton's and Al Gore's campaign fund-raising.

Here's more of it, and if you'd like to comment on that or any news of the day, please drop us an e-mail at editor@AllPolitics.com Be sure to include your name and home town.

'What Kind Of Idiots Are You People?'

What kind of idiots are you people? I mean I know Turner and his wife are flaming liberals, and balanced coverage from you guys on topics of politics is impossible, but you think the outrage by the Republicans will backfire?

Every poll I have seen on the topic shows a 2 to 1 favor of independent counsel and you sit there and say it is going to backfire? Ms. Reno should have been impeached the day after Waco, and to be honest should have never been placed in the position she is in in the first place. It is blatantly obvious that Reno is acting for political reasons to anyone with a few synapses working.

Despite what the left is claiming the independent counsel law is to prevent appearances of conflict of interest, you do not need prima facie evidence of crime to appoint a special prosecutor. Reno and the Justice Department cannot investigate Clinton without there being a conflict of interest. Her admission that they will keep investigating is prima facie evidence that a special prosecutor should be appointed. Her refusal just shows how far she is willing to go to protect the president and this administration.


-- Sean Peck, Dec. 4

'Get Off President Clinton's Back'

I agree with her decision not to appoint a special counsel. Both major parties are guilty of campaign finance rules. It's about time that the Republican party get off President Clinton's back.

Congress should pass some kind of campaign finance rules to level the playing field for everyone.

Fat chance!

-- Thomas Bearden, Rutherford, Tenn., Dec. 4

'A Laughing Stock'

It is bad enough the fox (Clinton) is raiding the hen house (our national integrity and federal laws), leaving us a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Now we come to find out that the framer (Reno) is protecting the fox instead of her charge. Isn't this the opposite of the way things are suppose to be? Then again, isn't this the TRUE legacy of the Clinton years?


-- George Nolte, Florence, Ky., Dec. 4

'Wiped Away Her Credibility'

Janet Reno distinguished herself from the Clinton Administration early on when she stood up in contrast to the president and accepted responsibility for the Waco fiasco. Her popularity soared while the image of the expedient cowering president endured. The spotlight of public opinion shone on her as a woman of integrity. In this one act Ms. Reno has wiped away her credibility and integrity and put her in the same category as Mr. Clinton. It is more than sad that in a national leadership as shabby as the Grant, Harding and Nixon eras the one scant hope has taken a dive. I guess it is more important to be attorney general in a scandalous administration than to be well esteemed in the eyes of her countrymen. Elliot Richardson and Archibald Cox had their flaws but Janet Reno will not enter their pantheon.

-- Doug Landau, Pocatello, Idaho, Dec. 4

'Just A Lackey'

Just what did you expect from Janet Reno? This whole adminstration is crooked as a snake. I am greatly disappointed in Al Gore. He is as bad as the president. Reno is just a lackey for them. Too bad she did not apply this same reasoning before she put tear gas in the house on women and children in Waco. I have been a Democrat for 44 years but I have had enough! When I see the state of our country I wonder about us as a people. I flew on 97 missions in World War II. I lost eight of the best friends a man could ever ask for. I feel very sad at times as think they shed their blood in vain. A crook and draft dodger for president. For shame!

-- Edmund B. McFarlane, Grapeland, Texas, Dec. 4

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