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Name That Dog: The Winners!

President & Pooch

You didn't disappoint. We got thousands of entries for our "Name That Dog!" contest, suggesting what President Bill Clinton should name his new Chocolate Labrador puppy.

Some people sent in one, carefully chosen name. Others sent in long lists of possibilities. Grade school classes sent in ideas, as did Capitol Hill staffers.

"Name That Dog!" even went global. We got entries from Belize, Canada, Denmark, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Venezuela, and from an entire family in Oman, in the Middle East.

The most popular suggestions were Shoes, from people who thought that would complement Socks the cat, and Hershey, as in Hershey chocolate.

We got touching letters from people who had lost a dog to illness recently and hoped the president might name his dog after theirs. There were also people already trying to pair their female dog with Clinton's new male puppy.

The Clinton-haters came out in droves, too, with suggestions like Thief, Liar, Shredder, Waffle and Draft Dodger.

When several people suggested "Buddy," the AllPolitics staffer assigned to the contest, Craig Staats, saw a way out of the e-mail deluge. He claimed a conflict of interest, since that's his own dog's name.

Staats wanted to petition the federal courts for an independent counsel, or at least a temp worker, to complete the contest, but was rebuffed by powerful forces at CNN/TIME. (His boss told him to get back to work.) So while "Buddy" is a wonderful name, unfortunately, it won't win this contest.

After chewing over all the entries, the staff at AllPolitics picked these three; winners will get a TIME Online T-shirt:

    Mulligan -- Rob Nichols, Seattle, Wash.

    Clinton loves his golf, and many people suggested golf-related names. But mulligan -- the gratis second shot when you blow your drive off the tee -- sounded the best to us.

    Slick -- Bill Compton

    Can't you imagine Clinton telling the press, "I'm not slick, that's my dog"? Someone suggested an alternate version: Slick Doggy Dog.

    Lugnut -- Max Shure, Mesa, Ariz.

    Sure it's kind of a goofy name, but it's catchy, too.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and here's an alphabetized list of most of the other entries. Who knows? Clinton, who says he has picked a name and may announce it at a Tuesday news conference, might like your suggestion enough to reconsider. (We screened out only the virulently obscene entries.)

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