Gavel To Gavel

Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

Timeline October '96

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Oct 13, 1996 -- Congressional Republicans raise questions about $425,000 in donations to the DNC attributed to Arief Wiriadinata, the wealthy son-in-law of a business partner of Mochtar Riady and his son James, Indonesians who run the Lippo Group business conglomerate. Wiriadinata now lives in Jakarta.

Oct. 14, 1996 -- The DNC acknowledges receiving another $25,000 contribution from Wiriadinata and his wife, bringing the total from them to $450,000.

Oct. 16, 1996 -- Democratic Party Chairman Christopher J. Dodd tells reporters that Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, during his unsuccessful 1988 bid for his party's presidential nomination, accepted $1,000 from the Riady family.


Oct. 17, 1996 -- Wall Street Journal reports that residents of various branches of the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple have donated some $50,000 to the DNC.

Oct. 18, 1996 -- DNC says it will reimburse the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple near Los Angeles $15,000 to cover the cost of an April 29 fund-raiser. Vice President Al Gore attended the event, and though religious institutions are barred from partisan political activities, the event netted the DNC $140,000. A nun told reporters she had been given $5,000 in cash by an individual who then asked her to write a check to the DNC for the same amount.

Oct. 22, 1996 -- Vice President Al Gore says he wasn't aware event at Hsi Lai temple was a fund-raiser.

Oct. 23, 1996-- The Justice Department releases photographs showing a convicted Miami drug dealer Jorge Cabrera posing with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and with Vice President Gore at a Florida fund-raising dinner last December. Cabrera was invited to the White House last year after sending a $20,000 contribution to the Democratic National Committee. The New York Times reports in April that Cabrera was solicited in Cuba.

Oct. 24, 1996 -- A U.S. marshal, attempting to serve a subpoena, reports Huang as missing. The next day, Judge Royce C. Lamberth orders Huang to show up for work so he can be served his subpoena. On Oct. 27, Huang's lawyer accepts the subpoena, but Huang fails to appear the next day.

Oct. 28, 1996 -- The DNC announces it won't file a pre-election spending report with the Federal Election Commission, virtually unprecedented since the FEC was founded in 1974. After an ensuing outcry, within 24 hours the DNC does an about-face and promises to release a list and file its FEC report.

Oct. 29, 1996 -- After issued a court order, Huang appears for interrogation by conservative group Judicial Watch.

Oct. 30, 1996 -- Bowing to pressure, the DNC releases a partial list of its donors.

Oct. 30, 1996 -- Huang testifies in court-ordered appearance that he met numerous times with President Clinton and the first lady at the White House, and discussed issues related to Indonesia. Secret Service logs released the next day indicate Huang visited the White House 78 times during the 15 months before October.

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