Gavel To Gavel

Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

Timeline December '96

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Dec. 2, 1996 -- Clinton acknowledges that he received a letter in 1993 from Mochtar Riady urging him to normalize relations with Vietnam. Clinton called it a "straightforward policy letter."

Dec. 3, 1996 -- The Clinton Administration releases to reporters correspondence between the White House and the Lippo Group, prompting anger from congressional Republicans who sought the letters earlier.

Dec. 6, 1996 -- Man Ya Shih, a Buddhist nun, tells the FEC the $5,000 she donated to the DNC came from her own funds. That contradicts statements she made in October that a Democratic operative gave her $5,000 in cash and then asked her to write a check for the same amount to the DNC.


Dec. 11, 1996 -- Documents show that less than three weeks after Clinton's 1993 inauguration, Huang contacted the White House by letter, pushing for a meeting between Clinton and Huang's former boss at the Lippo Group, Mochtar Riady. The letter has a handwritten note from Clinton in the margin, saying it would be "okay to spend a few minutes with him when he's in D.C."

Dec. 17, 1996 -- Trustees for Bill and Hillary Clinton's legal defense fund, which was set up to help defray their Whitewater legal bills, disclose that $640,000 in questionable donations have been returned. Many of the donations were delivered by Charles Yah Lin Trie, a top Democratic fund-raiser. Later, another $122,000 is returned.

Dec. 19, 1996 -- The Justice Department expands its investigation of DNC fund-raising to include the activities of the Clintons' legal defense fund. The department issues subpoena to the Presidential Legal Expense Trust, asking it to provide details surrounding the returned funds.


Dec. 20, 1996 -- The administration confirms that Charlie Trie helped get Wang Jun, the head of a Chinese weapons trading company, invited to a White House reception at a time of trouble in U.S.-China relations. White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry says Clinton did not know who Wang was and that if the administration had known, the invitation probably would not have been extended.

Dec. 28, 1996 -- Documents released by the DNC reveal the Democrats' National Asian Pacific American Campaign Plan, a strategy to raise some $7 million from Asian Americans. Records show the plan involved John Huang, the DNC, the Clinton-Gore campaign, and Doris Matsui, deputy assistant to President Clinton.

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