Gavel To Gavel

Gavel To Gavel: Fund-Raising Hearings

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June 3, 1997 -- A CNN poll indicates 61 percent of Americans are following the fund-raising controversy closely. Separately, a woman who worked for controversial fund-raiser Charlie Trie, Keshi Zhan, takes the Fifth Amendment. Zhan gave the Democratic Party $12,500.

June 4, 1997 -- In Senate testimony, FBI Director Louis Freeh denies withholding national security information from the White House. Plus, he downplays reports he recommended Attorney General Janet Reno appoint an independent counsel.

June 5, 1997 -- Nora T. Lum and her husband, Gene, plead guilty in federal court to passing $50,000 through "straw donors" to the campaigns of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and W. Stuart Price, an unsuccessful Oklahoma Democratic candidate for Congress. The Lums agree to assist the Justice Department's criminal investigation.

June 6, 1997 -- Suggesting money laundering, investigators discover that some $200,000 in donations to the Democrats are attributed to people who are deceased or whose identity can't be verified.


June 9, 1997 -- Documents show that $1.6 million the Republican National Committee received just before the 1994 elections from Young Brothers originated in Hong Kong. Two former GOP chairman, Haley Barbour and Richard Richardson, offer conflicting accounts about how the funds were used.

June 11, 1997 -- Sen. Thompson fires off a letter to Democratic chairman Roy Romer, complaining his probe is being willfully obstructed.

June 12, 1997 -- Senate Democrats block a motion to grant immunity to monks at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple, site of a controversial fund-raiser attended by Vice President Gore. Meanwhile, new documents test Gore's assertions he was unaware the event was organized to raise money.

June 16, 1997 -- In a rare public appearance, John Huang denies he was a conduit for overseas contributions.

June 18, 1997 -- Voting along partisan lines, Burton's committee grants him the power to issue subpoena's unilaterally. Over Democratic protests, the House gives its approval two days later.


June 25, 1997 -- Following up on the complaints of Democratic senators, Sen. Thompson warns GOP National Chairman Jim Nicholson to cooperate with investigators. "With respect to witnesses, I would also urge you to counsel your attorneys not to attempt to shield important facts with broad and specious assertions of privilege," as others have done, Thompson writes.

June 27, 1997 -- Investigators obtain handwritten notes from a White House aide that say Clinton raised $500,000 from fund-raising phone calls he made. "BC made 15 to 20 calls, raised 500K," "HRC making calls", and "Request for more VP calls," read the notes.

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