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The Money Trail: Democracy For Sale

The Money Trail: Democracy For Sale

WASHINGTON (Oct. 7) -- It was a political campaign to remember: more than half a billion dollars spent to win the highest office of the land. It was also a campaign filled with questionable fund-raising practices.

"The American campaign finance system has been an accident waiting to happen," declares a senator. America's democracy "is being pressured and corrupted," says a former vice president. "One large cash register," fumes a prominent activist.

Was the 1996 election a case of democracy for sale?

Welcome to AllPolitics' online companion to the CNN on-air special, "The Money Trail: Democracy For Sale," network television's most comprehensive treatment yet of America's campaign finance system.

CNN's leading political reporters, including Candy Crowley, Bob Franken, Brooks Jackson, Jeanne Meserve and Bruce Morton review the history of the American campaign finance system, ongoing investigations at the Justice Department and on Capitol Hill, and the prospects for substantive reform.

Is it true "everyone does it," as Democrats claim? And is money the equivalent of speech?

CNN Senior White House Correspondent Wolf Blitzer examines the Clinton administration's strategy, while Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno investigates whether campaign fat cats were rewarded with payback. And New York Bureau Chief Lou Dobbs reports on how the funds were spent.

Correspondent Jeff Flock looks at Cincinnati's experiment in limiting what candidates can spend.

It all aims to give you a better understanding of the campaign-finance controversy, including the investigations into alleged fund-raising abuses, the escalating cost of campaigns and the debate over reforming the system.

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