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The Money Trail: Democracy For Sale?

It was a political campaign to remember: more than half a billion dollars spent to win the highest office of the land. It was also a campaign filled with questionable fund-raising practices. Check out AllPolitics' online companion to the CNN on-air special, "The Money Trail: Democracy For Sale," network television's most comprehensive treatment yet of America's campaign finance system.

Playing The Game


Why read news when you can play games? Try out 'Toonist Bill Mitchell's latest Shockwave game on Sen. Lott and campaign finance reform, or go to coffee with Bill Clinton.


Americans Want Campaign Reform


A majority of Americans want campaign-finance legislation passed this year, and while President Bill Clinton has portrayed Republicans as obstacles to reform, Americans trust the GOP more on the issue, according to a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

Sights & Sounds

LBJ Tapes

During his years in the Senate, Lyndon Johnson often made a record of telephone conversations by having an assistant listen in and take notes. In 1961 when he became vice president, Johnson's recording methods became more sophisticated with the use of several electronic devices. He continued to make recordings throughout his years in the White House. Although Johnson wanted the tapes held for 50 years after his death, many of these private conversations are being released to the public by the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident to Johnson's choice of his running mate, these conversations offer a unique insight into the Johnson presidency.

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