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Congressional Races Draw Interest In Texas

'98 midterm elections begin next week with the Lone Star state primary

texas election

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, March 9) -- A year of politicking leading to this fall's midterm elections gets underway next week in Texas, scene of the first 1998 primary on Tuesday.

At the top of the Texas ballot there is little suspense, as Gov. George W. Bush faces only token GOP opposition in the form of Round Rock businessman R.C. Crawford. Bush, mentioned as a possible presidential contender in 2000, already is looking to his fall opponent, Democrat Gary Mauro, who is unopposed in the primary.

But among Texas' congressional delegation, several first-term lawmakers could be in a fight to retain their seats. And there is a spirited primary fight underway in San Antonio's 20th District, where Democrats are vying to replace Henry B. Gonzalez, who is stepping down after 37 years in office.

Seven Democrats have filed: Charles Gonzalez, the congressman's son; former San Antonio City Council member Maria Antonietta Berriozabal; former House aide Armando Falcon; physician Richard Garcia; state Rep. Christine Hernandez; former local Democratic Party chief Walter Martinez; and Balcones Heights City Council member Steve Walker.

Other candidates in the Democratic stronghold district include Republicans John Shull and James Walker, Steve Mendoza (Ind.), Alejandro (Alex) DePeña (Libertarian) and Joe Montoya (Reform).

Another race to watch is in the 14th District, in rural southeastern Texas, where Democrats have targeted Rep. Ron Paul, who beat incumbent Greg Laughlin in 1996.

Paul's Democratic challengers include professor Margaret Dunn, former congressional aide Roger M. Elliott (D), auto dealer Tom Reed (D) and former judge Loy Sneary (D).

In the 9th District, Republicans are out to unseat freshman Rep. Nick Lampson, who two years ago beat one-term Rep. Steve Stockman.

The Republican primary contenders are retired welder Don Beagle, insurance executive and GOP activist Tom Cottar, police officer Onzelo Markum and lumber businessman Adonn Slone.

Looking to the fall, in Dallas' 5th District, freshman Republican Pete Sessions could face a spirited challenge from either businessman William A. Foster or Victor Morales, the school teacher who unsuccessfully ran against Sen. Phil Gramm in 1996.

Here's summary information on the Texas House races and the candidates:

CD 1 (Northeast -- Texarkana,Marshall):

Max Sandlin (D-Inc.),
John B. Jones (Lib.),
Dennis Boerner (R)

CD 2 (East -- Lufkin, Orange):

Jim Turner (D-Inc.),
Wendell Drye (Lib.),
Brian Babin (R)

CD 3 (Northeast Dallas suburbs, Plano):

Ken Ashby (Lib.),
Sam Johnson (R-Inc.)

CD 4 (Northeast -- Sherman, part Of Tyler):

Ralph M. Hall (D-Inc.),
Jim Simon (Lib.),
Ray Hall (R),
Douglas Jones (R),
Jim Lohmeyer (R),
Geoffrey Fielding Walsh (R)

CD 5 (East Central -- Part Of Dallas, eastern and southern suburbs):

William A. Foster,III (D),
Victor M. Morales (D),
Michael D. Needleman (Lib.),
Pete Sessions (R-Inc.)

CD 6 (Suburban Dallas, part Of Ft. Worth, part Of Arlington):

Ben B. Boothe (D),
Joe Lusardi (Lib.),
Joe Barton (R-Inc.),
Greg Mullanax (R)

CD 7 (Western Houston, northwestern suburbs):

John Richard Skone-Palmer (Ind.),
Drew Parks (Lib.),
Bill Archer (R-Inc.),
Gene Hsiao (R)

CD 8 (Northern Houston suburbs, College Station):

Don L. Richards (Lib.),
Kevin Brady (R-Inc.),
AndrŽ Dean (R)

CD 9 (Southeast -- Beaumont, Galveston):

Nick Lampson (D-Inc.),
Ken Eckel, Jr. (Lib.),
Don Beagle (R),
Tom Cottar (R),
Onzelo Markum (R),
Adonn Slone (R)

CD 10 (Central -- Austin):

Lloyd Doggett (D-Inc.),
Ronnie Gjemre (Lib.),
Vincent J. May (Lib.)

CD 11 (Central -- Waco):

Chet Edwards (D-Inc.),
Vince Hanke (Lib.)

CD 12 (Northwest Tarrant County, part of Ft. Worth):

Tom Hall (D),
Paul Barthel (Lib.),
Kay Granger (R-Inc.)

CD 13 (Eastern Panhandle -- Wichita Falls, part Of Amarillo):

Mark Harman (D),
Ed True (D),
Georganne Baker Payne (Lib.),
Richard Amon (R),
Mac Thornberry (R-Inc.)

CD 14 (Southeast -- Gulf Coast):

Margaret Dunn (D),
Roger M. Elliott (D),
Tom Reed (D),
Loy Sneary (D),
Ron Paul (R-Inc.)

CD 15 (South -- Bee, Brooks, Hidalgo and San Patricio counties):

Ruben Hinojosa (D-Inc.),
Terence E. Schraut (Lib.),
Tom Haughey (R)

CD 16 (West -- El Paso and suburbs):

Silvestre Reyes (D-Inc.),
Lorenzo Morales (Ind.),
Stu Nance (Lib.)

CD 17 (West Central -- Abilene):

Charlie Stenholm (D-Inc.),
Gordon Mobley (Lib.),
Rudy Izzard (R)

CD 18 (Downtown Houston):

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Inc.),
James Galvan (Lib.),
George W. Marsden (Lib.)

CD 19 (Western Panhandle -- Parts Of Lubbock And Amarillo):

Sidney Blankenship (D),
Brad Clardy (Lib.),
Larry Combest (R-Inc.)

CD 20 (Downtown San Antonio):

Maria Antonietta Berriozabal (D),
Arnando Falcon (D),
Richard Garcia (D),
Charlie Gonzalez (D),
Christine Hernandez (D),
Walter Martinez (D),
Steve Walker (D),
Steve Mendoza (Ind),
Alejandro (Alex) DePe–a (Lib.),
Joe Montoya (Reform),
John Shull (R),
James Walker (R)

CD 21 (South Central -- Western Bexar County, Austin suburbs):

Gary Thurman (Ind.),
Jeffrey C. Blunt (Lib.),
Lamar Smith (R-Inc.)

CD 22 (Southwest Houston and Suburbs, Fort Bend):

Hill Kemp (D),
Steve Grupe (Lib.),
Tom DeLay (R-Inc.)

CD 23 (Southwest -- Laredo, San Antonio suburbs):

Allen Rindfuss (D),
Joseph P. Sullivan (D),
Charlie Urbina Jones (D),
William A. Stallknecht (Lib.),
Dick Bowen (Reform),
Henry Bonilla (R-Inc.)

CD 24 (Parts Of Dallas and Tarrant Counties):

Martin Frost (D-Inc.),
George Arias (Ind),
David Stover (Lib.),
Shawn Terry (R)

CD 25 (South Houston and Suburbs):

Ken Bentsen (D-Inc.),
Eric Atkisson (Lib.),
Bill Brock (R),
Beverley Clark (R),
John M. Sanchez (R)

CD 26 (Suburban Dallas, part Of Irving):

William Kenneth Cheek (Ind.),
Joe Turner (Lib.),
Dick Armey (R-Inc.)

CD 27 (Gulf Coast -- Corpus Christi, Brownsville):

Solomon P. Ortiz (D-Inc.),
Mark G. Pretz (Lib.),
Erol A. Stone (R)

CD 28 (South San Antonio, Zapata):

Ciro D. Rodriguez (D-Inc.),
Oscar H. Flores (D),
Lauro A. Bustamante (D),
Darrell Meuth (Lib.)

CD 29 (Parts Of Houston):

Gene Green (D-Inc.),
Lea Sherman (Ind.),
James P. Chudleigh (Lib.)

CD 30 (Downtown Dallas, part Of Irving):

Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Inc.),
Barbara L. Robinson (Lib.),
Carrie Keeliher (R)

AllPolitics' Pierre Fuller contributed to this report.
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