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Burton: White House Is 'Keeping Secrets From Congress'

By Ann Curley/CNN burton

Washington (March 11) -- Rep. Dan Burton has written a letter accusing the White House of "keeping secrets from Congress" by instructing Deputy White House Counsel Bruce Lindsey to invoke executive privilege when questioned about his conversations with President Bill Clinton by a House committee investigating the campaign finance matter.

Burton, Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, released a letter to White House Counsel Charles Ruff.

In it, Burton cites a 1994 memorandum written by former Special Counsel to the President Lloyd Cutler, which says "in circumstances involving communications relating to investigations of personal wrongdoing by government officials, it is our practice not to assert executive privilege, either in judicial proceedings or in congressional investigations and hearings."

Rep. Burton's Letter to White House Counsel Charles Ruff
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The Indiana Republican asks Ruff "Is this still the White House's stated and actual policy?"

Burton asserts "the White House should be setting an example for all Americans by fully complying with all relevant investigations."

He refers to Lindsey's refusal to answer certain deposition questions regarding campaign fund-raising and the Riady family, indicating that the committee intends to complete the deposition next week.

Burton also writes "If the president intends on asserting executive privilege, the committee would like a letter from the president invoking the privilege by March 16, 1998."

Burton accompanied his letter with a set of seven interrogatories asking information about White House use of executive privilege and related matters.

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