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Arkansas Primary Results -- May 19, 1998

By Congressional Quarterly

 Candidate                                         Votes    %
    Hometown         Age Occupation


*Bill Bristow (D)                                    Unopposed
    Jonesboro        47  Lawyer

*Mike Huckabee (R)                                50,836  90.3%
    Little Rock      42  Incumbent
 Gene McVay (R)                                    5,481   9.7%
    Fort Smith       56  Retired civil service manager


#Blanche Lambert Lincoln (D)                     140,825  45.4%
    Hughes           37  Former U.S. representative
#Winston Bryant (D)                               85,066  27.4%
    Little Rock      59  State attorney general
 Scott Ferguson (D)                               43,351  14.0%
    West Memphis     46  State representative
 Nate Coulter (D)                                 40,895  13.2%
    Little Rock      38  Lawyer

*Fay Boozman (R)                                  41,730  77.9%
    Rogers           51  State senator
 Tom Prince (R)                                   11,823  22.1%
    Maumelle         48  Lawyer

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 1
            (Northeast -- Jonesboro; West Memphis)

*Marion Berry (D)                                    Unopposed
    Gillett          55  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 2
                   (Central -- Little Rock)

*Vic Snyder (D)                                      Unopposed
    Little Rock      50  Incumbent

*Phil Wyrick (R)                                     Unopposed
    Mabelvale        48  State senator

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 3
           (Northwest -- Fort Smith; Fayetteville)

 No Democratic candidate

*Asa Hutchinson (R)                                  Unopposed
    Fort Smith       47  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 4
              (South -- Pine Bluff; Hot Springs)

*Judy Smith (D)                                      Unopposed
    Camden           45  State representative

*Jay Dickey (R)                                      Unopposed
    Pine Bluff       58  Incumbent

* = Nominee
# = Will meet in runoff.

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