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The Jones Case
 Legal Issues

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Key legal documents from the case.

Voter's Voice

We've received a ton of e-mail on Paula Jones' lawsuit, and here's some of it. Or join an online discussion on our community page.

Changing Look

Paula Jones has changed lawyers, personal advisors and even her looks. Check out the changes with a JavaScript-enabled browser.

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Jones' Lawyers Advised Her About Financial Gains

They discussed selling her sealed affidavit

By Bob Franken/CNN

WASHINGTON (June 11) -- Paula Jones was warned by her attorneys, Joe Cammarata and Gilbert Davis, that she would "lose all prospects of financial reward from the selling of your sealed affidavit" if she did not settle her sexual harassment case against President Bill Clinton. The affidavit is the one in which she described the alleged "distinguishing characteristics" of Clinton's private parts.


Cammarata and Davis wrote Jones twice in August 1997 urging her to accept an out-of-court settlement. She rejected that settlement and the two lawyers resigned.

These sealed letters have now been made public as part of the record as Jones appeals the "summary judgment" dismissal of her case.

Supporters close to the president say these letters give an insight into Jones' true motives.

Cammarata and Davis wrote, "You are in the best posture now to increase your financial gain from outside sources. If you decide not to settle, you will eventually have to turn over the affidavit and you will have to describe the distinguishing characteristics in discovery. It will be leaked by someone, as these things seem always to be, even if there is a protective order. There will be no value left to revealing this information to any other entity."

Cammarata declined to comment and Davis was not immediately available. Jones' new lawyers also were not available for comment.

"These letters just confirm what we have been saying since day one: This case is simply about money and hurting the president," Clinton's attorney, Bob Bennett, told CNN.

In their letters Cammarata and Davis wrote to Jones that there "is a substantial possibility you may lose this case," but that accepting an out-of-court settlement that included a $700,000 payment from the president's insurance companies would amount to "a complete victory."

Jones insisted a settlement include an apology. She changed legal teams and subsequently saw the case dismissed by federal Judge Susan Webber Wright.

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