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Chinese General's Son Blocked From Working On Sale Of Satellite

By Judd Ginsberg/CNN

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, July 2) -- The son of a Chinese general has been blocked from working on the sale of $650 million satellite to a Chinese-controlled company, State department spokesman James Rubin said Thursday.

The State Department had issued a license that allowed Shen Jun, son of Lt. Gen. Shen Rongjun, to work as an interpreter during talks between Hughes Space and Communications and the buyer of the satellite, a company with close ties to the Chinese military.

Last week, the license was suspended.

Rubin said, "We have decided, for now, to suspend a munitions license for Hughes that permits a Chinese foreign national" to work as an interpreter. Shen is a Canadian citizen.

The State Department has asked Hughes to supply information for a further inquiry into whether Shen's work fell within the purview of the license.

The examination of the deal is part or a larger investigation into whether Hughes and another company, Loral Space and Communications, provided Chinese rocket experts with information that may have help the Chinese military improve its long range missiles.

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