Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Former governor says he saw UFO
It's not every day a former governor tells you he witnessed a UFO that he believes came from another world. Ok, that's an understatement. I don't believe a person who has served as a governor has ever uttered such words on camera. But that's what Fife Symington, who served as governor of Arizona for six years in the 1990s, just did.

Symington took me to a park in Phoenix where he says he saw what is now referred to as the "Phoenix Lights." Exactly 10 years ago, thousands of Arizonans saw an object in the sky described by witnesses as larger than a football field with brilliant lights. It was also videotaped by many. Witnesses say it made no noise.

Symington was governor at the time, and not only did he never publicly mention that he saw it, but there are many who feel he ridiculed those who did. The governor held a news conference after the sightings in which he claimed the case had been solved. At that point, a man in an alien costume walked into the room. That "alien" was his chief of staff.

The former governor told me he held the news conference (which in all fairness, many found very amusing) to create some levity in a state where many people might have been getting panicked. Fast forward a decade.

The creators of a film about UFOs called "Out of the Blue" contacted Symington because they are updating their documentary. After being asked questions about the 1997 episode, Symington told the filmmakers that he did indeed see the UFO but said nothing publicly, in part, because he didn't want to scare Arizonans.

Symington told me that what he saw in the sky that night was "otherworldly" and he believes it was an "alien spacecraft." He is a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam and is highly doubtful it was some secret military craft.

Symington said he did privately try to have people investigate the sightings, but got nowhere. But for the first time, he is talking about it publicly, and saying that not only was he not concerned, but he would love to see a sight like this again.

What was it? Frankly, I have no idea and wouldn't hazard a guess. But Symington's revelation a decade later only adds to the mystery surrounding this event.
Posted By Gary Tuchman, CNN Correspondent: 6:52 PM ET
Ha-ha! You know, one only needs to ask a few simple questions to debunk this whole UFO thing. Why for example do they even need running lights on their spacecraft? Are they afraid that it might conflict with FAA regulations and get them a citation? And why all the hot-roding" around our suburban skies? They could easily learn almost all they need to know from orbit. As for alien abductions... that too is bunk when you think of what even we could learn from a simple skin cell. No farm autopsies required. Just read the DNA! This is just to get more tourism!
Posted By Anonymous Chris Eldridge, Harrisburg PA : 7:06 PM ET
Hi Gary,
I wonder if it is the same thing that was seen in Chicago late last year? If anyone does figure out what that was, please let us know!
Posted By Anonymous Pamina, Pittsford, NY : 7:09 PM ET
I too have seen objects that I believe are UFOs. This was in the Albany, NY area about the time of the first Iraq war. UFOS do not care about the FAAs 1000' rule. I made a sketch of one that went by our 200 year old home. It made no sound as it flew by the front of our house, appearing as most of them did over a period of time around sunset. It was not saucer shape but rather more like an egg shape with windows top and bottom. There were occupants from another craft-they are spirits from another time. They look like the alien force in Star Wars-I am not sure what they are after but I was never afraid of being asked to do something I wouldn't feel comfortable doing or being abducted by them. Is it history or prehistory that interests them? I don't know. The Lord in Revelation said there would be signs and wonders that would accompany the return of Jesus-and maybe that is what they are about. Who can say? I respect the former Governor for his courage in talking about UFO's-it helps to have a good, unobstructed view of the night sky available-that's all I can say. By training, I am a lawyer.
Posted By Anonymous marsha baker Kernersville, NC : 7:17 PM ET
It is beyond obvious that there are things going on the the US Public doesn't know about...and probably never will
Posted By Anonymous Nick, La Mesa CA : 7:34 PM ET
I remember seeing the amazing video of this event, and the Air Forces lame explaination of what it was. I'm glad to har more about it in the mainstream news!
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Mays Landing, NJ : 7:38 PM ET
The so-called "Phoenix Lights" were nothing more than a formation of Canadians flying Tudors at an altitude of 19,000 that night. These so-called "investigators" never bothered to interview the two America West pilots who spoke to the pilot in the lead plane that night. The formation was identified to the pilots by Albuquerque radar. Several other witnesses who saw the lights through telescopes or binoculars also saw aircraft. Can't believe this "non-event" is still considered newsworthy.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Tempe, Arizona : 7:42 PM ET
thanks for the honesty, please send to the white house, that house could use alot ,of honesty,that the way, I also saw a u.f.o.
Posted By Anonymous mike peyovich, snohomish, wa : 7:49 PM ET
Alright! GT reporting-blogging on ET!! Hee-hee!!
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 7:50 PM ET
It is amazing to me that when someone announces they saw something unidentified, perhaps extraterrestrial, it's news. without a doubt there has to be other life forms out there. it's incredibly egotistical and self-important to think humans are the only ones in the vast universe. we mock those that believe in alien life, but those who preach heaven and hell are believed without question.
Bang-Bangs, Island Conceptual Artist
Posted By Anonymous Bang-Bangs, Eastport, Maine : 8:07 PM ET
How exciting it must have been for Mr. Symington to observe such an interesting event. In such vast amount of space, stars and planets there has to be life elsewhere.
Posted By Anonymous Melody Chapin Harbor Springs : 8:08 PM ET
Well all I can say is i knew et was looking for me but they missed me by a mile. Ha good story. Least their are some officials that aren't afraid to admit they have seen et too.
Posted By Anonymous Angela chance,brunswick,oh : 8:14 PM ET
Just because a former elected official stated something, does it change the validity or invalidity of the actual event?
Posted By Anonymous Shruti Bala, Glendale, AZ : 8:28 PM ET
Hi Gary,
Technically, the Governor did see a UFO, as many people say they do. However, all that means is that they saw an unidentified flying object. I saw what I think was a hawk today, but it could have been an owl..Who knows, but it was flying and unidentified! All kidding aside, I'm sure there are things in this world we just can't explain...I guess the bottom line is that the aliens really don't think we're "All That." They haven't even stuck around long enough for a cup of tea and a scone..Not too neighborly! Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 9:11 PM ET
It's really amazing how politics influenced Symington's decision. Instead of warning citizens of a potential danger, he chose to ignore it in favor of saving is political reputation. Think about how many other perils out there that we don't know about that our leaders ignore or cover up. The possibilities are endless.
Posted By Anonymous Darrin Cheraso, San Antonio, TX : 9:47 PM ET
Most people who have seen such an object are reluctant to speak out for fear of ridicule. My classmate and I, along with our spouses, saw such an event in Miami, FL in the early 1990s in the late eve. After staring in amazement and recalculating flight paths and attitudes, we concluded (both flight trained, to boot)that it was, in fact, a UFO, given the speed and immediate, right angle change of direction the object took. I do not doubt Gov. Symington in the least.
Posted By Anonymous M. Cano, Miami, FL : 9:52 PM ET
Meanwhile the search for intelligent life on Earth continues...
Posted By Anonymous Debbie, Denham Springs, LA : 9:55 PM ET
I remember walking in the Foothills area of Phoenix with a friend when this craft flew overhead south to the Gila River area. She kept saying, "I'm a Harvard graduate.....I don't believe in UFO'S yet can't believe what I'm seeing...It's not making any noise!" Neighbors came out of their houses to see this HUGE UFO. We even called 911 as it looked like it landed in the desert. After a few minutes, it went straight up hovering just a couple hundred feet above the desert and stayed in place for several minutes. Then flew faster than anything I have ever seen straight over us to the north.
Posted By Anonymous J. Gillett, Dallas, TX : 10:13 PM ET
Typical politician. Tries to deflect the issue until after people have forgotten about it. Symington should be ashamed for misleading his constituents.
Posted By Anonymous John, St. Louis, Missouri : 10:21 PM ET
If that's the case, Steve-in-AZ, then why did the US government say that the lights were flares released by Air Force planes?
Posted By Anonymous Justin, Houston, TX : 10:21 PM ET
Two words: Jimmy Carter
Posted By Anonymous JBL, Chicago, Il : 11:04 PM ET
This was widely panned in the media. Photographic experts proved that what was witnessed were a series of flares dropped from a military aircraft at regular intervals. From the vantage point of pheonix it looked liked the illuminated outline of a huge triangular shaped craft. Once the line of mountains that overlooks the city was superimposed on the night time video of the event, it was obvious to anyone who saw it that these were slowly falling flares (they were suspended from small parachutes)that disappeared as they individually dropped below the line of mountains.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Bommarito St. Louis Missouri : 11:13 PM ET
I consider myself a very logic-minded skeptic and generally don't support "psuedo-science" or conspiracy theories. But I once saw something in the sky that I can't explain at all. It was a group of crafts that were either very very large or very low to the ground. They made no sound and they glowed orange. They moved in ways that our airplanes definitely cannot. I took half a role of pictures of them and watched them for a good ten minutes. But when I went to process the film, this is absolutely true, the whole role of film was overexposed. Like it was exposed to radiation or something. I'm not saying it was definitely beings from another planet, but at this point I can't think of any other plausible explination.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan, Provo,UT : 11:37 PM ET
I think the aliens just need to pick up Chris Eldridge of Harrisburg ,Pa.

He has ALL the answers.
Posted By Anonymous Rich McMullen, Cherry Hill, NJ : 12:10 AM ET
Where did Gary Tuchman get his journalism diploma, a Craker Jack box. I thought this was CNN not some sci-fi freak show. If he had done any amount of research, I mean any, 5 seconds on google even. He would have found out that the lights were flares dropped by the Arizona National Guard. They disappear as they fall behind the mountian. Discovery Channel did a 1 hour show on it. It has been common knowledge for years. But I guess the truth isn't news. Gary if you read this, I doubt you will, tell the real story and not some sensationalized "unsolved mystery". Ecspecialy in this day and age when there are real news stories and problems in our world, there just isn't room for bogus reports.
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Winnipeg, MB : 12:26 AM ET
I've seen a classic "UFO" (have no idea what it was) - so I'm open minded, but skeptical of many UFO claims. I am bothered that this news story has been investigated so poorly by CNN; CNN's research journalism about this headline presentation are pathetic! Skeptics agree with the USAF explanation that the lights were simply slow falling, long burning flares dropped by an A-10 Warthog aircraft on a training exercise over Luke Air Force Base. Proponents of the spacecraft theory stated that the lights were over the city and not beyond the mountain where the Luke AFB was located. However, detailed analysis of the falling flares shows that they were actually beyond the mountain, as investigators discovered the lights vanished in line with the outline of the mountain. An investigation by Luke AFB itself also came to this conclusion and declared the case solved. More recent investigations have come to the same conclusion.

A video illustrating this was broadcast on a special on Fox Television stations about a year after the event. A copy of the original video was used in coordination with a video shot in the daytime from the exact same location. The two videos were merged into one on a frame by frame basis, so that the landmarks (both in the foreground and background) were always perfectly aligned. This allowed analysis of the lights regarding their apparent height above the mountain, and it was easily seen that the lights vanished in line with the outline of the mountain. Military flares such as these can be seen from hundreds of miles with correct environmental conditions. This can explain why the flares were seen from the Nevada state line and Tucson. Later comparisons with known military flare drops were reported on local television stations, showing dramatic similarities between the known military flare drops and the Phoenix Lights.

Airforce pilot, Lt. Col. Ed Jones, came forward in early 2007 claiming responsibility for the drop of leftover flares on the night in question,and claims to be a pilot of one of the four A10s in the squadron that he says launched the flares. CNN, please put a little effort into your journalism...
Posted By Anonymous Mike H, San Francisco, CA, USA : 12:47 AM ET
I believe that there maybe other beings out there.
Posted By Anonymous Paul Smith, Canyon Country, Ca : 1:04 AM ET
This incident along with the Cash/Landrum encounter in Huffman, TX in 1980 both deserve some real answers.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Nelson, Spring, TX : 1:10 AM ET
Finally a government official sees the light and actually tells about it! There's great pics and info on of this mile wide "thing" that was seen throughout AZ by thousands of people, including our entire family - right over our heads!
Posted By Anonymous Richard Mahoney. Carefree, AZ : 1:28 AM ET
I am glad that Anderson Cooper has shown at least a little interest in this subject! I am surprised by this though, I never thought CNN (or any other major network) would allow any kind of truth or serious reporting to be broadcast on the UFO subject.
About time, bravo Anderson Cooper! Keep it coming!
This subject gets great ratings, the media should pick up on the credible reports more often...
Posted By Anonymous Mauricio, Vancouver, BC. : 1:40 AM ET
Oh, yes, and Fife is very credible. In 1997, Symington was convicted of bank fraud. Symington was forced to resign as Arizona's governor. The conviction was overturned by a court of appeals on a technicality. He was subsequently pardoned by President Clinton in January 2001.
Posted By Anonymous Tom in Lakewood Colorado : 1:43 AM ET
I find it quite amusing reading UFO skeptic's debunking attempts. "They don't need lights at night!", "They wouldn't need to come to Earth!" etc.

To say such a stupid statement, would leave one to assume you know something we don't. It would leave us to assume you know what technology they have, you know why they come here, you know the type of reasoning and intelligence they have.

Completely self contradictory, and an idiotic attempt at debunking.
Posted By Anonymous Jiva Sztraka, New York City, NY : 2:10 AM ET
Where's the story? Wanted to hear more. What happened and how many other people saw this? Was it just the Governor? Don't leave us hanging!
Posted By Anonymous Janice Scott, Denver, Co : 2:26 AM ET
I was a bit stunned to read the description of this sighting in Arizona. I have mentioned this to very few people in my life (I am now 52 years old), but I witnessed something very similar to this when I was 10 years old, along with my Mom, older brother and his wife. We were driving on a rural road outside of Jacksonville, Florida in late 1965. It was late at night and my older brother was driving. We noticed a very large aircraft hovering over the ground just ahead of us and to the left of the roadway. At first we thought it must be a helicopter as it hovered not far above the treetops at a distance of perhaps a quarter-mile away. My brother pulled off the road and stopped and shut off his headlights. We all got out and stood there and looked at it. It was quite large, round or oval-shaped, had fairly bright lights on the surface of it and it made absolutely no noise as it hovered. We watched it for perhaps one minute or so, and then it quickly moved off into the distance and disappeared, making absolutely no noise. We knew it could not possibly be a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft. Fortunately, we were all four present and knew that we couldn't all be having some imaginary event or delusion all at the same time. I have never again witnessed such a thing over the past 42 years, but I still remember it vividly. I agree with those who say that we are a vastly self-centered species indeed to think that we are the only planet in the vast universe that contains an "advanced" form of life. I suspect that the occupants of the craft that I saw considered the four creatures before them to be primitive indeed.
Posted By Anonymous Curt Woodcock, Portland, OR : 3:48 AM ET
Y'know what? Actually, I was ON that spaceship. Yep! Got bored with all the inter-planetary travel and decided to ask Capt ET to drop me I could amuse myself with all the primitive humans for a wee vacation.

Long trips get kinda dull on the Mothership. Usually, a small number of crew get just a bit toooo edgy, and sadly for the rest of us, that's when humans get plucked off the earth to join us. What a pain they are too! Oh wow, humans get unbelievably obnoxious aboard ship - bawl and whine and all kinds of ridiculous antics. SOOOOO immature, unevolved, and egocentric - no interrelationship or kinship awareness whatsoever! Uhh, no thanks!

Anyway, it's more fun to drop down on Earth and pose as one of you, makes it MUCH easier to get back and report my observations without much heckling from your so called government (wtf?)(hahahahaha - ooops, sorry).

Tsk, tsk, tsk - we keep hoping you DNA carriers will learn peace and harmony, and stop all your puerile games with war, harm and destruction. Alas, you just don't get it, do you?

Well, time to fly! It's been...ummmm, sorta weird here, but hey, we'll be seeing ya sooner than you will see us!!! Notice how good we are at escaping detection? Hmmmm, one might think you'd finally figure that out - oh well...

Several other planets describe your species as too much work. You have much potential, but you also have more learning to master than any other species.

Just a visiting ET in human disguise - ha Ha HA!
Posted By Anonymous Julie La Salle, IL : 4:20 AM ET
The power of a free media people, we are locked in a war in the Middle East, are facing threats from not only fundamentalist nutjobs but also dillusional governments, etc. etc. etc.... and this is the news. Thank you, I'm really just starting to not miss my cable anymore- at least Bill O'rielly talks about important things!
Posted By Anonymous Vladimir, Issaquah WA : 6:15 AM ET
Maybe it was all the smog build up from the Space Ships around the world taking turns at contaminating space (not to mention the contamination havoc they have spewed on our world as well.)

But, if they can prove there is some form of human life on space wouldn't that be great! Bush could use the millions he's devoted to war on building a new world in space for the Iraquis eliminating his having to move them to Texas. It seems only fair he should provide them with some safe haven after his reckless bombardment and horrific destruction of what they used to call home.
Posted By Anonymous Pat Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada : 8:02 AM ET
It is virtually certain that the universe contains other forms of life. The jump from seeing an object in the air that you do not immediately recognize and concluding that it is a life form from another world is typical of mankind. If not for the fact that we know about flight, people would be claiming that had seen god or angels in th sky. Flying lit up, in formation is not exactly what you would expect an advanced civilization to do when they explore another planet.
Posted By Anonymous rick fort lauderdale florida : 8:05 AM ET
The only ufo I saw was a plate thrown at me by my X.
Posted By Anonymous chuck, west grove, Pa. : 8:37 AM ET
I thought that Jimmy Carter reported seeing a UFO when he was Governor of Georgia.
Posted By Anonymous Philip Sagstetter, Rockville, MD : 9:16 AM ET
Just because the man is/was a politician does not eliminate him as a nutcase, does it?
UFO = Unidentified Flying Object

What is that?

I don't know?

Unidentified Flying Object
Posted By Anonymous Bill C. Decatur, IL : 9:47 AM ET
My opinion...These people are off their rockers!!
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia, Covington, Ga. : 10:24 AM ET
Any alien species capable of intergalactic space flight would be so far advanced that studying life on earth would be of little interest. Imagine Einstein being interested in the equation "2+2=?" C'mon, Anderson, don't cop out with "I have no idea and wouldn't hazard a guess." Haven't you folks ever read Carl Sagan's "Cosmos"?
Posted By Anonymous Will E., Raleigh NC : 10:34 AM ET
For anyone who got sucked in by the TV show "UFOs Over Phoenix", and from comments posted here, you obviously did, the original footage of the boomerang line of lights was manipulated to look like it was going behind the mountain to make the case for flares. And they kept showing it over and over again to press the point. As an optical physicist I compared their footage to the real video. It's NOT the same. Whenever I see blogs about the Arizona mass sighting, that TV program's lame flare explanation is always used by skeptics as the definitive answer. And just like the recent Arkansas case, where a retired Airforce Col. saw similar lights, once again the military explained it away as flares, not something unusual or beyond our world, as this trained observer for over 30 years professed it to be. Take the blinders off people. They've been keeping us in the dark about what really happened in Arizona and many other places for far too long. Good for Anderson Cooper that this topic is finally being broughtinto the light.
Posted By Anonymous Dr. Jack Harris, Seattle, Wash. : 10:37 AM ET
What a tool...He was trying to protect the people of Arizona? Oh please...Sounds more like he was protecting his political career (at the time). Why make those who believed what they saw out to be kooks (well, because that's what the elite always do to us) instead of just staying quiet about it. He did more damage than good. The people can handle it, and WE DON'T need crooks making those decisions for us anymore!
Posted By Anonymous Todd, Athens, Georgia : 10:39 AM ET
During the last weather storm in so. florida, part of the lights grid went out for 3 days in Miami. It was pitched dark, beautiful. One evening at approx 2150 hrs, I stepped outside of our candle lit living room and as I was entering the front door, looked up and saw the following. A huge } shape, transparent craft (like jellyfish) seethrough moving slowly. it was too big and too low 200' to be moving that slow w/o falling, no noise. I explained it to my fam, they thought it was something god put in my head. 50mins later, all four of us saw it again and we witnessed it for 20 secs while it floated away a second time. This time I asked them to explain it to me. The could not. This V shape item had lights, was like see through since you had to spot it in the sky and maintain focus on it. Very awesome and very real.
Posted By Anonymous Jose, Miami, Florida : 10:39 AM ET
Its too bad he didn't have the sac to admit that he saw something at the time. An opportunity for actual leadeship, squandered.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, New York, NY : 10:53 AM ET
It's probably true, and for people who say, "Why would they use lights?" Why wouldn't they? They probably wouldn't be intimidated in the least. What would we do... attack with our "special superstellar laser guns"? Yeah right. If there really are other more intelligent beings visiting, there is nothing we can do until they actually contact us, but to be honest this kind of news does make a nice change from constant wars and misery.
Posted By Anonymous K Beaudoin, Corinth TX : 11:02 AM ET
My friend and I saw a UFO in August of 1977. It hovered over us for several seconds and then started to move away, never making a sound, until it disappeared. I have talked to other people who remember seeing UFO's during that time period.
Posted By Anonymous Barbar,Kansas City, MO : 11:14 AM ET
It is kind of tragic that most mainstream media networks play the "giggle card" on the rare occasions when they discuss UFOs. You subtly encourage the population at large to regard percipients as nuts, when they didn't ask to see what they saw and usually have enough problems digesting the implications on their own.

This comment thread alone demonstrates that something deeply interesting is going on out there, and while it's depressing to see people use phrases like "off their rockers!," it's good to see that at least they're in the minority.

CNN and Anderson Cooper would be providing a service by giving stories like this the weight and attention they deserve. The UFO phenomenon is the last great untold story.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Farmer., Edmonds, WA : 2:39 PM ET
Politicians wow!!
give me a break.. first he sees it but doesn't want to talk about it, he even ridicules those who are talking.. and then.. the politician... says he did in fact see it.. and his reason for not saying so when it occured (political career perhaps)

"I didnt want to scare the people of Arizona."

give me a break, and who cares about what you saw we see you in your political profile worried about you and displacing the truth as you go on...

be gone and think about who you really are as a mere Human.

nothing scares me more than (political) people like you...

thanks for listening

Posted By Anonymous George Miranda, Cambridge Massachusetts, US or America, Yes!! : 2:43 PM ET
It is ridiculous that the "Pheonix Lights" are still discussed a decade after the non-event. Logical explanations are apparently of no use to people would would rather live with fantasy. It says something about the modern mind that we cannot believe in God but can believe that a few lights in the distance are surely aliens from another planet.
Posted By Anonymous Mark Shipley, Silverdale, Washington : 3:21 PM ET
I wonder what the world would be like if serious journalists and serious scientists and serious experts in aviation and other fields would just take such reports seriously and investigate them. There seem to be a great many things in this world that are scoffed at and left unexamined by the experts: far eastern medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, chi gong, martial arts, UFOs, herbal remedies, native american medicine, all manner of religious artifacts, and all those maddeningly persistent 9/11 conspiracy theories. If people wonder, imagine, and invent myths, it's because the experts have left a vacuum by refusing to examine things we want to know about.
Posted By Anonymous Lee, Smyrna, GA : 3:52 PM ET
I believe the former governor of Georgia, and former president of the United States Jimmy Carter has also reportedly seen a UFO.
Posted By Anonymous T.Madden St. Louis, MO : 4:06 PM ET
I believe. I too experienced seeing UFO last march in upstate Minnesota. It was both frightful and awe inspiring. It changed me forever
Posted By Anonymous Gary Stone, Peabody,MA : 4:24 PM ET
How do you know when a politician is lying? -- His lips are moving.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Hartford CT : 4:33 PM ET
A former USAF man should know the difference between flares and a UFO. That being said, the most obvious answer is that it was flares, which can appear "other worldly" to the unititiated.
Posted By Anonymous J. Meyer, Kennewick, WA : 4:46 PM ET
Around September 1990, my husband and I saw something in upstate New York exactly like the object the governor saw. We later learned that local firefighters leaving an evening class at the fire training center 1 or 2 miles away saw something similar on the same night, around the same time. I've never been a science fiction fan, don't believe in aliens from outer space, etc.; but I did see it. It was a presence above the car and local school, had bright lights around the edge, and made no noise. And no one had an explanation.
Posted By Anonymous Marticia Madory, Hyde Park, NY : 5:14 PM ET
Actually, I believe that Jimmy Carter also makes a similar claim.
Posted By Anonymous Mark Senak, Arlington, Virginia : 5:40 PM ET
If he says he believe this then he believes it. I guess there was alot of people who saw the same thing and additionally, they are saying the same thing. So maybe, just maybe there is something to this?
Posted By Anonymous Trabuco Canyon, California : 5:55 PM ET
Just because you have not seen or experienced something, does not mean it does not exist. Many people saw these lights in Arizona. It has to be something. There is a military base nearby. Whey didn't they scramble to investigate? Because they knew what it was? The government/military are in colusion to cover up the truth of all this.

These sighting often appear near military bases. If we were to explore a plant, would we only do so from orbit? Or would we hover above to get a closer look. All this started in 1947 after we exploded the A-bomb in WWII. Perhaps they are taking a closer look to see what the heck is going on down here! Are we a threat to them?

Open your minds to extreme possibilities. Space travel was unthinkable 1000 years ago! Now is common place.

Wouldn't you like to travel to other planets - meet other life forms? Maybe they could teach us something useful.
Posted By Anonymous Laurie McBride, San Francisco, CA : 6:04 PM ET
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