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Ozzy Osbourne

December 3, 1948
John Michael Osbourne is born in Birmingham, England.

Black Sabbath releases its debut album, "Black Sabbath."

Ozzy Osbourne leaves Black Sabbath. Some reports say Osbourne quit. Others say he was forced out.

Blizzard of Ozz tours after the release of "Diary of a Madman," which eventually sells more than 5 million copies.

February 1982
Osbourne is arrested after urinating on a part of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

July 4, 1982
Osbourne and Sharon Arden, his girlfriend and manager, are married.

"Bark at the Moon" is released and goes double platinum.

January 1986
Ozzy and CBS Records are sued by a California couple who claim the song, "Suicide Solution," drove their son to commit suicide. The lawsuit was later dismissed and an appeals court upheld the dismissal in 1988.

"Tribute," a double-live album tribute to Ozzy's late guitarist Randy Rhoads, is released.

"No More Tears" is released. Osbourne announces that the 1992 "No More Tears" tour will be his last.

A double-live album, "Live and Loud," is released. The live version of "I Don't Wanna Change the World," earns Osbourne a Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance."

Osbourne headlines the first "Ozzfest," a summer festival tour that features hard rock and heavy metal bands. He has headlined it every summer since then.

Two-CD set "Reunion" is released, featuring all four of Black Sabbath's original members (Iommi, Osbourne, Butler, Ward).

May 4, 2002
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne attend the White House Correspondents Dinner. Mentioned both by host Drew Carey and President Bush in their speeches, Osbourne acknowledges the applause from the Washington establishment by standing in his chair.

With Anthony "Tony" Iommi on guitar, William "Bill" Ward on drums, John "Ozzy" Osbourne on vocals and Terence "Geezer" Butler at the bass, the jazz-blues band Earth (name changed from Polka Tulk) changed its name to Black Sabbath after discovering another band named Earth.

"Paranoid," perhaps Black Sabbath's most popular record, is released.

Osbourne releases his first solo album, "Blizzard of Ozz," with his new band, Ozzy Osbourne & Blizzard of Ozz -- guitarist Randy Rhoads, bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake.

January 1982
During a performance in Des Moines, Iowa, a bat is thrown onto the stage by a fan and Osbourne bites its head off while supposedly thinking it's fake. Osbourne undergoes a series of rabies shots afterward.

March, 1982
Blizzard of Ozz guitarist Randy Rhoads and Osbourne's wardrobe assistant are killed in a plane crash in Florida. The pilot, who also was the band's tour bus driver, tried to buzz Osbourne's tour bus but instead slammed the plane into a garage. The band's success is halted, Osbourne falls into depression.

Late 1982
Newly signed to CBS Records, Osbourne arrives heavily intoxicated at a meeting of Epic Record executives and bites the head off a live dove. The dove was brought by his wife, supposedly as part of a "peace offering."

Black Sabbath briefly reunites with Osbourne for the Live Aid charity concert.

Ozzy releases "The Ultimate Sin."

"No Rest for the Wicked" is released, featuring a new guitarist, Zakk Wylde.

November 15, 1992
Iommi, Butler, and Appice back Ozzy Osbourne as part of what's billed as the singer's final live appearance.

Ozzy returns with a new album, "Ozzmosis." He also duets with Miss Piggy on "Born to Be Wild" on the children's album, "Kermit Unpigged."

November 1997
"The Ozzman Cometh" is released. A double-CD retrospective of Ozzy's work, it includes previously unreleased rehearsal tapes of four classic Sabbath songs.

March 2002
Ozzy Osbourne stars in MTV's reality sitcom "The Osbournes" which draws 4.1 million viewers to its regular Tuesday time slot on March 26. His daughter Kelly, son Jack and wife Sharon are the show's main characters. His oldest daughter Aimee doesn't get too involved. The show becomes MTV's biggest-ever program, drawing up to 8 million viewers.

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