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Swift Vets and POWs For Truth: Never Forget


MARY JANE MCMANUS: Three months after we were married, my husband was shot down over Hanoi.

PHYLLIS GALANTI: Paul and I were married in 1963. Two years later he was shot down over North Vietnam.

MCMANUS: All of the prisoners of war in North Vietnam were tortured in order to obtain confessions of atrocities.

GALANTI: On the other hand, John Kerry came home and accused all Vietnam veterans of unspeakable horrors.

MCMANUS: John Kerry gave aide and comfort to the enemy by advocating their negotiating points to our government.

GALANTI: Why is it relevant? Because John Kerry is asking us to trust him.

MCMANUS: I will never forget John Kerry's testimony. If we couldn't trust John Kerry then, how could we possibly trust him now?

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